Water Walking Ball / Suicide Trap?

Water Walking Ball

I wonder how you breathe when inside of it? What happens if you are in the middle of a lake and start running out of air? 549 dollars!

Dang it looks fun though!

According to a different website selling the same thing:

For even more fun, fill it with helium! The kids will love it!

What a stupid design. Why not make it dual layer with multiple column portholes, similar to a Zorb ball but with a larger inner sphere and lots of holes. You still have buoyancy with a bit of water capable of coming through at the bottom, but you can stay in it all day because it is open to the air.


It will keep them quiet, anyhow (once they stop with the squeaky voice shouting). :smiley:


Anyone else here start thinking about Patrick McGoohan when you saw this?

I can see someone taking it to the lake or the beach, a strong wind comes up and blows you way away from shore. You spend your 5-15 minutes racing back to shore, so you can open the damn thing and catch a breath.

% Balls like us, baby we were born to run on water %

Selling on Ebay for just over $200, leaf blower included to air it up.

Carry a knife with you in case you have to cut your way out.

On a hot summer day, how long would it take to nuke the occupant?

I certainly hope you can open the damn thing from the inside. If I got blown out to sea, I’d open it, crawl out, re-close it and use it as an inflatable to get me back to shore.

Of course, it’s possible once you open it, it immediately deflates, tangles you in plastic, and then sinks.

On a hot summer day, around here, being stuck in a greenhouse-like structure on the water, but being unable to reach it, sounds like utter hell. They should call it the Tantalus Ball.

Uh-huh. You lie back, float, dose off, run out of air…

The “Detailed Description” says, “…just open up the zipper, enter inside and blow it up, close the zipper and it’s ready”

Yup, get in and blow it up from inside. Good trick.

Since the outside looks smooth how do you even maneuver across water?
Wouldn’t you just kind of spin in place? If you started floating off to sea you’d have no chance of getting back.

This has got to be one of the more idiotic contraptions I’ve ever seen. Imagine the lawsuits that will be filed on it’s behalf.

You just need to take a really deep breath before getting in.

Reminds me of bubble boy on that Seinfeld episode.

This contraption doesn’t seem as scary as the water skiers with kites on their backs. My idea of fun does not involve flying at the end of a ski rope.

If you think the bubble is dangerous, my refrigerator sled has no hopes.