Waterproofing an electronic equipment?

I want to waterproof a camcorder. It’s a little old and bulky.
It’s probably 10 years old so it’s not that small.

Is there a way to waterproof it that is cost effective if it is possible?

Can I saranwrap is twice and tape up any wires or things that jut out?
Will it be waterproof?

Now I plan to have the waterproofed camcorder moving at a fairly fast speed around in the water too. Also the camcorder will be going in and out of the water.

Is this even possible?

I would really like this to be cost effective… you know… using household materials… :slight_smile:

Here is one solution. It’s a bit involved, but not overly so, and definitely cheaper than commercial underwater camcorder enclosures. Merely wrapping it in plastic wrap may work, but it’s very thin material and is easily torn or punctured, and you won’t know if it leaks until it’s too late. A Ziplock™ bag (the old press-to-seal kind, NOT the zipper kind–they tend to be leaky) would be marginally better, plus you can test it for water resistance beforehand. If you plan to take it to any significant depth (say more than 20 or 30 meters), however, I wouldn’t recommend any of these solutions, and would instead opt for a commercially-made enclosure, like these.