waters breaking in pregnancy preterm

I would like to know of any records as to the survival of a baby when the mother’s waters break early. My wife, Tracy had her waters break at 20 weeks of pregnancy, and still managed to (in hospital) carry Luke (the baby) through to 28 weeks, and he was born premature weighing 3 lbs (he is a big bully now). Is this a record?

Sorry Herbie. In my experience I know of at least one patient who had PPROM from 19 weeks and was subsequently induced at 34 weeks with a successful outcome. If you’re really interested try searching the literature at pubmed.com under pregnancy complications, preterm prelabour ruptured membranes, case reports (or some variation thereof).

The bag of waters may rupture at 19 or 20 weeks but then may seal over resulting in prolongation of the pregnancy until it becomes viable. ( the ability of the fetus to survive in the outside world with an average or better than average quality of life). The gestational age at which a fetus, if delivered, can survive more than a few hours, days or weeks is down to about 24 weeks gestation.

If the membranes truly rupture with the loss of considerable amounts of fluid at 19 or 20 weeks gestation and continue to leak, it is extremely unusual for the fetus to stay in utero,even at total bed rest for mom, to a gestational age of more than 34 weeks.

I’m very happy that your baby did well after birth. In all medical probably, however, I believe that either there was a very tiny leak when the BOW’s broke or the hole sealed over

In short, I don’t feel a world record was set in your particular situation.