Wavefront-guided eye surgery

Custom lasik, which effectively takes a ‘fingerprint’ of the eyes, will allow doctors to treat even more disorders, make eyesight even better, and reduce many of the side effects of laser operations.

In brief, that’s a summary of the claim of Visx, a CA company that manufactures laser-vision machines.

What they’re talking about is wavefront-guided surgery or custom LASIK.

From Accuvision,

Wavefront Guided Custom LASIK develops individualised software treatment plans for each eye. Unlike the standard LASIK procedure which only corrects refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) and routinely achieves 20/20 vision, Wavefront LASIK goes beyond just correcting refractive errors to actually improving visual capabilities so you may see better than you did with glasses or lenses before the procedure, hence improving your ‘Visual Acuity’.

In short, they talk about correcting and then improving your vision to beyond 20/20. Also, the procedure purports no side effects such as poor night vision.

Sounds very good. A LA Times article here.
Anyone know more ?

P.S. It will cost more too…

Hm. I’m going to a lasik center next tuesday so the doctor can have a closer look at my peepers. My doctor did say something about a “custom” procedure. If I find anything out, I’ll let you know.

IANAD, but I’ll throw my two cents in.

I had LASIK last month; they did a Zyoptic wavefront analysis and programmed it into a B&L Technolas laser for the procedure.

Wavefront analysis itself has been around for a couple years. It’s my understanding that there are now lasers that link directly with the wavefront analyzer, instead of being manually programmed. This may be what the article is talking about.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I was 20/150 right and 20/300 left with moderate astigmatism before, 20/15 right, 20/10 left, no astigmatism the next day; I’ve had no problems, and no side effects other than the expected dryness.

That sounds fantastic. Do you mind if I ask how much it cost you? I’ve been wanting to have this done, wasn’t sure if wavefront was significantly more than regualr LASIK. Also, was this in the US, or did you go over to Canada?