Way to change extension for multiple files?

Hey all. I’m wondering if there’s a quick and easy way to change the file extension of a group of files. I want to change all *.asp files in a folder to *.htm. I’m running a windows machine, and I have dreamweaver.

I can also edit on the linux server.

Er, nevermind. That was so much easier than I imagined it to be.

I assume you went into DOS and used

ren *.asp *.html

Yeah. It’s been so long since I’ve used the command prompt for any actual file managemtn that it just took me a few minutes for my brain to think “oh, you can just do it that way.”

For reference, I believe that Linux has a rename command that you use as follows:

rename .asp .htm *.asp

For more complex renaming under XP and such, I like “Flash Renamer” – it’s great. See http://www.rlvision.com

Who says DOS is dead?!
(I still tend to think of Windows as an overly elaborate menu program that occasionally allows multitasking. . . .)