Wayne-Dalton Garage Motor Maintenance?

Any SDopers own or professionally service Wayne Dalton residential garage motors, specifically iTrack Torquemaster? Do they need oiling or are they maintenance free? (Online manual doesn’t address this - link below). Can I use WD-40 on the drive gear for this (oiling in a fashion similar to how the manual shows a packet of oil provided for initial install only, it appears)?

Any SDopes have identical or equivalent experience to share here?

Oops! Here is one link, but I may have found a better link…will post shortly.

Link #1: http://www.wayne-dalton.com/files/manuals/TMS-9000-ID-Supplement-301528.pdf

Is there an equivalent to “Dura-Lube Engine Oil Treatment”, or where can I find this? Home Depot???

Link #2, as promised: http://www.wayne-dalton.com/assets/Openers/320687_idrive%20TQM%20&%20TQM%20Plus.pdf

(Grrr…I can’t believe the manula says NOTHING about routine oiling!)

Dura lube, Slick 50 and the others have a cult following. They are sold as a product that prevents engine wear. Those claims have been challenged in court. I don’t know why the motor manual spells out Dura Lube, but it only shows applying it to that one output gear anyway. Any gear oil would seem to be appropriate. You could use chain oil or even differential 90# oil from the auto store that should be appropriate. The motor itself does not indicate an oil maintenance point. Eventually, even a so called lubed for life motor could stand to be disassembled and oiled. WD-40 would not seem to have the oil characteristics needed for a gear application.

Was the oil packet that came with it more like a grease (thick/goopy). If so, WD-40 will probably do a better job of removing it then lubricating.

Also, I don’t know anything about Dura-Lube Engine Oil Treatment, but it looks like something you can pick up at any auto store/Walmart. I doubt Home-Depot is going to have it since they don’t stock automotive stuff.