Ways I can pay my credit card bill

I recently got a credit card and my first payment is due on the 30th of November. Can I send a money order? I don’t have a checking account and I can’t pay it online. Is it possible to pay it at the bank in person? The only answers I’m getting from the bank’s site is to pay by phone with a check, pay online or send a check, or a Western Union wire, all of which I don’t want to do.

A money order should be fine.

The fees for those things add up, though. You should look into getting a no-fee checking account with one of the major banks in your area.

If you have no checking account, why did you get a credit card? The first rule of buying things is not to buy something you can’t afford, and if you can’t afford to have a checking account (because maybe you never have enough saved up money to open one up to have that min. balance) then a credit card might not be the best idea.

Do you at least have a savings account of some kind? Usually even those you can pay bills from online.

I just wanted to build credit by hopefully buying a few things on the credit card. I probably will charge something once every 3-4 months. I have enough money for a checking account, but I don’t want one right now. I wouldn’t be using it anyway except to pay my credit card bill. I have a savings account but I prefer not to move it around into a checking account if I’m not going to be using it.

So about these money orders…do they have to be a certain money order, like a postal money order or any kind? Why would using a money order be expensive? I thought money orders cost 90 cents at the post office?

You might consider asking your bank if they permit drafts from your savings account. I have a small book of “checks” that my bank sent me a few years ago that I can use to draw out of my savings account just as I would my checking. The catch is that they only permit you to do it once or twice a month.

Unless you are sending a M.O. to another country, any old M.O. should do. IME convenience store M.O.s are cheaper than the ones from the post office.

As far as I know, any money order will work, and the ones from the post office will definitely work. If you need to buy several money orders every month, the $0.90 charge would add up, but for occasional use, they are fine.

AFAIK, my bank does not charge its customers for money orders, so that might be something to look into, as you say you do have a savings account. Of course, YMMV.