Ways the Thought Process Works...

When I lay on my right side at night (left side of brain facing ceiling), I notice a difference in my thought process than when I lay on my left side. When I’m laying with my left side of brain aimed at the ceiling, my thoughts seem more comical, creativity driven. When I’m laying the other way, my thoughts seem to focus on things I need to get done, or problem solving. Is this a way the brain functions?
If two classes were given the exact same test at the exact same time, only one class is directly above the other on the second floor. Would the class on the second floor score higher than the class on the first floor?
Does anyone else notice this when they are laying in bed?

Um… huh? :confused:

Extrapolation from the lying-in-bed example. If the difference in thoughts is caused by one side of the brain being higher than the other, perhaps having your whole brain being higher than someone else’s means your entire brain is more active than theirs.

smootman, maybe you pick a side based on how you are already feeling.

What Nanoda said.

Would the upstairs class get higher marks?.. sounds like the makings of a bad joke.

Oh, I see it now.

Wouldn’t it be more likely (if there’s any objective reality at all in the difference in mental state) that blood circulation and pressure have something to do with it, rather than distance from the Earth’s core?

Mangetout, I so look forward to your comments on all of my questions… I think you can see right through me… or you think just like me… or i’m reading way too much into it…

I’m just curious whether there is a scientific reason for my thinking about creative stuff when I’m sleeping on my left side… etc. If the way you are positioned affects the dominant thoughts coming from your brain.

I would assume that the blood rushes to the side of the head which is downwards thus each brain hemisphere would have different levels of activity, and since they deal with thoughts differently (art/logic kinda thing) you’ll have different thoughts.

So, in the question above, if two classes were directly above each other then there would be negligible difference… however, if one classroom was sloped 30 degrees to the left and the other 30 degrees to the right, then there may be some difference.

brainfizz I like your experimental frame of mind. Here is another thought, if when trying to think of an answer you were to rest your head sideways uppon the desk or your hand, would the side of the head that is downwards effect the speed with which you can get the answer;)

More realisticly, I susspect that in an active mind not trying to sleep, the angle of the head will have minimal implication to thought processes. But I might guess that in the attempt to sleep, one side of the brain may relax quicker than the other due to blood flow rates. Do any neurologysts here know if the brain needs more or less blood supply during sleep?