Ways to help reduce liver and kidney damage from creatine?

When it’s known that a food/substance is good for the liver or kidney, can we assume that that’s in general, or is it only for certain functions?
I ingest a ton of creatine which I think can cause stress on kidney and liver, so if I just eat foods that are generally known to help those organs, will that help those organs process creatine, or is creatine something really specific and I should figure out what foods may help those organs process creatine specifically?
Thanks gang!!!

What is a “ton?"

I recently had some kidney tests done (I’m fine, thanks for asking) and as I understand it, creatinine in the urine can be a marker for kidney problems but isn’t itself a problem. However, no doubt someone more knowledgeable than me will be along shortly.

Why do feel it necessary to ingest a “ton” of creatine? Is this large amount really making a difference? Have you seen less of a result from a more moderate amount? Exactly how much are you ingesting a day?

I take about a teaspoon a day with a protein powder and am very happy with the results.

Have you had any blood work done lately that tests your kidney and liver functions?

You only need no more than 5 grams a day. Loading has been shown to be unneeded.


Is creatine safe for your kidneys?

I regularly take 20g (20,000 mg) (0.02 kg) (0.000022046 tons, so not quite a full ton) of creatine HCL per day, but I know I could tolerate way higher. I’m just concerned about long-term effects of taking more than this per day. 50g? 100g? 1,000g (a kilogram)!?!? There’s no study I know of that suggests that any particular high-level dose of creatine is bad for you, but so many things cause long-term damage to our bodies that I’m a bit worried at going higher. Creatine is one of the best studied/verified supplements in history.

I have clinically low levels of testosterone (or “T”) diagnosed by endocrinology, and creatine (which raises T) seems to counter this in general. The more I take I just feel more physical like I want to do athletic things; I feel like moving and pushing my muscles the way I’d imagine someone with a normal or high level of T would want to move himself. I did creatine monohydrate at first, but then HCL came out which is more condensed and digestable and easier to take higher dosages of. I’ve taken GNC’s pill form of HCL branded “Amp 189” for a long time (up to 16 pills/day) but I’m switching to straight-up pure powder creatine HCL (it’s like salt) which tastes horrible but it’s the most digestable form and easiest to take a lot of. The powder brand I’ve settled on “Beyond Raw” (I’ve never trusted Con-cret’s advertising or pricing) is measured in this infinitesimal scoop, about a teaspoon, 4 grams, so it’s insanely easy to put whatever dose you want in just a small amount of liquid, it just tastes really horrible.