WBC's current sign is hilarious!!! Christmas related

I live in Topeka, home of the rock the Westboro Baptist Church hides under.

Nearly every day I drive by their family compound, because it’s the most direct route to the fenced in dog park I take my dachshund Nathan to play in.

The WBC’s sign changes weekly, with some topical message like “Halloween, a pagan rite God despises!”

For the current holiday it’s putting us all down because
X-Mas is NOT IN THE BIBLE!!!**

Um, correct me if my reading of Scripture is incorrect, but isn’t the second chapter of Luke "the Christmas story’? Linus wouldn’t lie to us, would he?:smiley:

The first thing I thought was that they were referring to the abbreviation ‘X-mas’ since so many Christians get their panties in a bunch about it not being completely spelled out. How many times have we heard ,“Put the Christ back in Christmas!”

Another possibility – there are a few groups who believe that it’s wrong to celebrate Christmas (and other things) because the Bible does not explicitly command us to celebrate them. They think that only the holidays specifically mentioned in the Bible should be celebrated.

Well, I suppose technically, the birth of Christ is in the Bible, while the Christ Mass is something the church created, and the secular Christmas is something our culture has developed over time.

So maybe they believe “Christmas” is either an abomination created by the Papists or corporations.

The Puritans in England and the early American colonies believed the same thing; that since Christmas isn’t explicitly mentioned in the Bible, it should not be celebrated.

I think you may be closest.

Why not put the Christ in Christmas twice?

Is it morally wrong to drive by the WBC with your windows down (in this unusually mild weather) blasting “Jingle Bell Rock”?

Maybe, maybe not. But with music loud enough to readh into the compound I’d be breaking out windows in the surrounding neighborhood.

I don’t know, maybe Equality House across the street has caroling planned or something.

Like Passover? Which is why Jesus was in Jerusalem, and had that Last Supper with his disciples. He was an observant Jew, after all.

Put the Thor back in Thursday.

They should picket a Donald Trump appearance. THAT would be interesting, to say the least.

There could be a competition as to who could say the most outrageous, obnoxious things about women/holidays/churches/Democrats.

So I called them up this afternoon and told them they were putting you down.
So in the spirit of the season, they agreed to change it for one day.

Here ya go.

Am I the only person who read that as “X-Men is NOT IN THE BIBLE!!!”? Which it can be for a middle schooler in Sunday School.

It’s a copy & paste error.

You know how you sign by the ‘X’ when you check in to a hotel? The desk clerk (a sheep) at the Manger Hotel in Bethlehem accidentally copied the X instead of Christ’s signature. Not surprising since he had hooves instead of hands.

I blame Bill Gates…& Obama.

I’d like to know how you Photoshopped that!:smiley:

But the sign I’m talking about is bigger, on the top of their security/privacy fence, at the northeast corner of their property.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I couldn’t get them to budge on the main sign, but we compromised on the other sign.

You want me to give away all of my secrets?

I wonder how they feel about Y-mas and Z-mas?

No no. Baker needs to drive by singing a slightly rewritten version of one of SNL’s Dysfunctional Family Christmas Carols:

(To the tune of We Wish You A Merry Christmas):

We wish you weren’t living near us,
We wish you weren’t living near us,
We wish you weren’t living near us,
We’re not happy you’re here…