We All Become Capitalists in the End (A Certain Musician Turns Pitchman)

I rest my case.

“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” :stuck_out_tongue:

If he’s happy to do it, I’m happy for him. It’s done in quite an ironic anti-ad sort of way, so I guess it’s still rebellion, sort of.

Even spreading butter, Lydon is being subversive. The only notes that really count are the ones that come in wads.

Well, he DOES think it tastes the best.

I mean, if you’ve done all that research into finding out what the best butter is, might as make some money off it, yeah? :smiley:

A guy’s got to eat. I thought it was a cute little advert.

I always got the feeling that he’d sell out just to piss hippies off.

If I remember correctly he became a “property developer” about ten years ago.

I guess this tells us how well that worked out :stuck_out_tongue:

The Pistols were formed as a musical extension, and therefore as an advertisement for Malcom McLaren’s Sex shop. There may have been some lofty ideals applied to punk after the Pistols, but they never had any of them. They were just musical fashion models. Groundbreaking, but still nothing really more than that.

Kind of hard to sell out when you never owned it anyway.

I knew that this would be about Lydon when coming in. The Sex Pistols were essentially a boy band. They should be admired for their influence, but not thought of as “authentic.”

I didn’t get the lyrics reference in the OP title (if that’s what it is) and figured this thread might feature Bob Dylan starring in some toothpaste commercial in Japan.

Hell, Captain Sensible of the Damned (ten times the band the Pistols ever were) made a commercial for Weetabix back when his solo career was in full swing.

Rotten/Lydon said it just before he walked off stage to close out the final Sex Pistols concert.

I thought that was "“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”