We bought a Quad!! Yay!

Its our first Quad. Well, I suppose its not really “mine” as much as Mrs. Bernse’s, who needs one for work (she is a surveyor). But! I’ll be able to take it out for cruises in the bush when the desire hits me. We got a sweet deal too. Its a 2002, with only 17 hours(!!) on it and a 2000lb Warn Winch. Its still just like new, not even a scratch. But we saved over $2K.

Lookie! http://he.honda.ca/motorcycles/models/2002/TRX350FM_mo.asp

I’ve always been a Honda guy and have owned their cars, motorcycles and lawnmowers with never a problem… although its safe to say that this will be treated rougher than any of their other vehicles we have owned, but I suppose its built for it.

Anyone else on the SDMB own one?

I’ve always called those ATVs. Either way, I’m quite jealous. I live in the city and probably couldn’t do much with one, but they’re really nifty.

Have fun and be safe!


Forgot to say (I’m sure you’re all on the edges of your seats by now), its got the coolest transmission too. Push-button electric. On the left handlebar are up/down arrows, and thats what you shift with. I’ve never seen anything like it. When I took it for a quick spin last night, I kept hunting for the gear shift with my left foot. Its really intuitive to use.

Here’s mine.

And… here’s a tip…
If you are going through heavy bog or snow; stay near a treeline or another solid anchor source in order to hook up the winch.

[sup]I learned that the hard way.[/sup] :slight_smile: