We Bought a (well almost) new car!

Because I am currently jobless, CG decided he needed to reduce his car payment from $500/mo to around $300-$350/mo. He’d been looking at Chrysler PT Cruisers and finally found one he wanted.He even made me go with him in the freezing ass cold last night to go look at his chosen vehicle,a 2002 PT Cruiser that was a program car in this hideous shiny metallic red. Ok…so anyway…we are looking at the little sheet taped to the front of the car that explains all the features it has. One feature listed is “automatic locks/keyless entry”. Upon inspecting and test driving the car, we find out this is not so. There are no automatic locks and without automatic locks,it’s hard to have keyless entry.So…sitting in the car salesman’s cube, we sent him away and pretended to have a conversation as to whether or not we wanted the car. I knew all along CG wouldn’t buy the car unless it had auto locks and keyless entry so there wasn’t much to really discuss. Fifteen minutes later we call the salesman back over and CG lays on him he won’t buy the car without auto locks. Unfortunately,right now due to our situation, we can’t afford to buy the car AND install the locks, so we prepare to get up and leave. Salesman begins to sweat and tells us to stay right where we are while he goes to talk to his boss. We stay seated and ten minutes later he comes back,assuring us they will throw the auto locks in for free. And then we discuss the fact that the car payment quoted isn’t what CG wants and again we make as if we are going to just walk.Salesman really begins to panic and runs back to the bossman. So in the end we not only got outta there with free auto locks, but the payment we wanted and a pretty decent trade in on CG’s old car.Cool,neh? Unfortunately,it’s going to take until tomorrow to get the car ‘prepped’ for us to take it home so we still have his old car, even tho we signed the papers for the Cruiser last night. Oh well…can’t have everything you want all the time.:slight_smile:


He’s not going to drive around in a PT Cruiser with a mullet, is he?

Seriously, congratulations! I hope it’s everything you wanted.