We closed early today due to the protests

A bit of violence in Seattle today, and further marches and protests were planned. So the office (along the route from Westlake to Seattle Center) was closed at 2:30 this afternoon.

Now I’m home, been to Rite-Aid (Match Light is on sale), fixed a table lamp, cleaned up the cat puke, and reclining on the couch looking out the open French doors to green trees and sunshine.

I’m home early too! I work right next to Westlake Center, and my lead told us we could head out early. Not that there was really anything happening…maybe a hundred or so people in the square, a bunch of cops sitting around in front of the Starbucks…

What are the protests about?

Observance of May Day. Along with marches and speeches and normal stuff, some people took the opportunity to protest banks and such. A Wells Fargo branch had its windows smashed, and some cars were vandalized.

Man, we had an incompetent bomb threat near me this morning and the FBI came and everything and I didn’t get the day off…

Those guys are the laughing stock of Cleveland! And they had to recruit their ringleader from Indiana – it’s hard enough to get four anarchists together, and then they need to get outside help. The FBI should have found a bridge that needed to be blown up anyway and let them at it, and then arrested them.

If anything happened in Boston, I am unaware of it. It was a pretty typical day.

Yeah, I can see how anarchy might go unnoticed in Boston.:wink:

It could very well be that people are protesting by driving like maniacs, but I can’t tell the difference.

Of course. :slight_smile:

On May Day in Seattle? That is awesome market research.