We did it!!! (with pics) - Wedding Thread

HOORAY…we are finally married. Saturday was the big day and everything went well.

The weather was clear but very cold in the evening. Most people dressed appropriately so that wasn’t too big a deal.

I made more than enough food and everyone really liked the spread, including my friend’s father who is a professional caterer. The chocolate fountain didn’t work so well in the cold (ie. clumping up and shaking like it was going to explode…actually that was pretty funny) but no one seemed to notice.

The ceremony was less than four minutes total. Guests later thanked us for that.

We invited 115 people and 78 showed up so it was a good turnout. More people came in costume than I had anticipated.

The only thing that didn’t go the way I wanted it to was the processional music. I made a cd of mp3’s to be played but the first 7 songs didn’t copy so I walked in to Glen Miller’s Moonlight Serenade instead of Eric Clapton’s version of Classical Gas. I had really wanted that song but by the time I realized it wasn’t there, it was too late to do anything. The rest of the music went well however.Recessional music was Glen Miller’s In The Mood and it was on from there.

We ended up married so that in itself made the day succesful. I only cried once and that was when I danced with my dad and we were both bawling so that was okay.

Here are a few pictures.
That link takes you to the homepage but there is a link to click and see more of our wedding pictures.
I will post better pictures later.

squeal We are really married!

It just occurred to me that this thread title could attract people looking for something completely different.

Thats why I opened it. :smack: Congrats on gettin hitched anyway. :smiley:

People look for that kind of stuff on the internet?

I have rumors of that but I guess that wouldn’t be a problem on the SDMB. Dopers are far to classy to spend time looking sexual intercourse on the internet.
Ah…who am I kidding.

So, any pictures of the honeymoon night? :smiley: Congrats melondeca! May the two of you be happy for many, many, many years!

Well, if you haven’t done it yet, it sounds like high time… :dubious:

Man, those are some of the funniest wedding pictures ever. Congratulations!

I edited your thread title, melondeca, to something more descriptive. It should help better inform the voyeurs. :stuck_out_tongue:

No pictures but let me describe it for you: We got to the room and opened presents while waiting for the jacuzzi tub to fill. Once filled, we set the timer and climbed in to relax. Got out after 15 minutes and cozied up in the big king size bed. Then…here comes the exciting part…we fell asleep.

We were both too exhausted to do anything else.

Thanks, SkipMagic.

Enjoy married life, the best is yet to come!

Sounds like y’all have this married life thing down pat! :smiley:

Welcome to Married Life!

What a great idea for a wedding!


Congratulations. Wishing you both a lifetime of joy. :slight_smile:

That looks like an awesome wedding party. :wink: Congratulations!

Yeah, we have had two years of living together to practice.

Heh, my first husband always ribbed me about the fact that I fell asleep (in the bathtub) the night of our wedding.

I was tired, what can I say?
Very cool wedding though - looks like an absolute blast!

Congratulations! Happy wishes for both of you!

Well, *I * showed up, didn’t I?