We Eat_Crayons at the Algonquin Round Table

Tell Me I’m Not Crazy reserved a table for us, so we actually did have lunch at a large round table at the Algonquin, and the quips were flying. Besides me and Tell Me, there was Billdo, Zebra, Colibri and one very nice fellow whose Doper name I recognized immediately but he’s going to be hurt, I forget his name. Crayons, by the way, is Liv Tyler-gorgeous, and if I were 20 years younger and gay . . .

Anyway, a good time was had, I hope, by all, though the absense of a few New York Dopers was missed.

One day, one day I will get myself up to New York. And if there is no Dopefest planned, Eve, then I’ll just have to kidnap you. Don’t worry, it’ll be luxurious captivity - Hagendaaz, shoe shopping, classic movies - but I won’t let you loose until the rest of the NY Doper population ransoms you.

Phouka, did you swipe your sig from Dave Barry?

Does Matilda still sleep curled up on the reception desk?

It was Cartooniverse, that’s whose name slipped my mind. Sorry!

I’m still kicking myself for not having remembered my camera, but it was a great day - I enjoyed myself immensely. Thanks to everyone for a great time. Dopers are truly the most fascinating people to sit down and spend time with; the collective knowledge, wit and graciousness never fails to amaze me.

Having a Maria Von Trapp moment?
Maybe next time we should invite in some of those Falun Gong Show people.

>>Cinches up lederhosen, bursts into song<<

**How do you charm a Doper named Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

How do you sing the songs that must be suuuuuuung?? **


Readily forgiven for forgetting. The entire event was a total pleasure. Can’t believe I forgot to bring a camera. :smack:

** C-a-r-t-o-o-n-i-v-e-r-s-e**

What is it that you do for a living?

Bwahahahahahaha. :smiley:

Did she actually order crayons?

Sounds like it was great! Logistically and financially, I just couldn’t make it work. But maybe next time! At the Table, of course. Sitting around a table at the Algonquin with Eve in particular must be heaven!

Glad you had a good time in NYC, Eats_Crayons! Come back when it’s a tad warmer!

I take pictures.



Really???.. blush… Why, I…

Hey, waitaminute! You sayin’ my daddy looks like that mutant Aerosmith guy??? Right back atcha Yo’ momma!

SWOON… thud!

Dahlink, surely you have underestimated my age or I have underestimated yours. You cannot possibly be a day over 38 which puts you a good three years younger than my ex, Sniffs_Markers!

I’ve been using the Algonquin as a “home base” for the rest of my visit.

I’ve been back twice and they keep giving me free food and they introduced me to the cat. What does that mean?

It means they’ve heard you like pussy, dear.

Shocked laughter is painful, I have to say. (I think I might have blown a blood vessel!)

I am shocked and apalled!
I had no idea my reputation preceded me.

I don’t hurt so much, but I think I got the beer off my computer monitor…

I wouldn’t say that, although Liv Tyler I can see.

Your entire head could probably fit in that man’s jaw.

Well, my bag is packed and I’m getting ready for one last stop in Manhatten before I head back to the great white north. Got me some computer access briefly.

NY Dopers, it has been a wonderful visit, I saw wonderufl things, ate wonderful food, and most certainly had the most fantastic company.

I look forward to a return trip and to seeing you all again. Keep well, and feel free to drop by Toronto any time!

Sounds fun. I was in that neck of the woods for Chistmas, but the closest I got to the Algonquin was my non-english-speaking grandmother-in-law’s house in Queens.