We got a dog

His name is Atticus (we call him Atti). He is an Australian Shepherd and is about 10 months old. He is great - so far - and a load of fun. I forgot how much fun it can be to own a dog.
I can hear my daughter giggling upstairs as they play - what a happy house. We moved this week too - nice to own something again


Dogs are great. Dogs and kids playing together are better.

(for those of your who are ad deprived on the dope, I’m getting one that says “stop your dogs behivor problems” Maybe if your dog is playing with bees too much?

Love the breed. Dang but they’re smart 'uns!
Love the name. Dang but he was a good 'un.

I think you’re twice blessed and this… “I can hear my daughter giggling upstairs as they play” seals the deal.

I’ve just gotten my parents new dog for them yesterday; I’m in PEI, but should be heading back to Quebec to deliver him over the weekend. His name is Josh, and he’s a 7 year old Beagle (his birthday was this past week). He was a vet school training dog, whose job was to get anesthetized, operated on and otherwise poked and prodded by vet students and otherwise live in a kennel.

He has more than earned his retirement. He still has shaved patches on all four of his legs and on his back where students recently did blood draws and skin biopsies (he’s perfectly healthy - it really is all about the practice!) And his teeth are gleaming, because he was the teaching dog for a dental clinic on Monday!

He is very very cute, and loves attention and loves to please, but he doesn’t know how to play, or have fun, or even chew on toys! He has decided that the futon that I’m using as a bed is a good, safe spot and lives there unless we go to the kitchen, at which point he follows us and hopes for food! He is incredibly food motivated, and although we don’t expect him to be truly housebroken, he seems old enough to know to wait until we take him out to do his business, because he hasn’t had a single accident yet. He largely ignores my sisters dog (who ignores him in return - nothing bothers that big guy!) and is wary and confused by the cat, but frankly, this cat is weird enough to confuse most anyone! I’m not going to want to “give Josh up” to my parents, but they live close enough that I’ll see him relatively often.

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