We got my cat back!


I just happen to have some free time now. Want me to let the air out of your neighbor’s tires?

Very glad your kitty is home safe. Got pictures? :slight_smile:

Now we need to find out for sure if it was nasty neighbor, and if so, what vengeance would be suitable.

Yay for kitty! Boo for bad neighbour. :mad:

Maybe Nimitz ought to be called MacArthur, because…he has returned! :smiley:

Must be about the best Xmas present you all could want.

Huzzah! I’m so glad he’s back. :slight_smile:

Let us know what wrath rains down upon the neighbor…

Hooray! Hug that kitty hard!

** scritches for wayward boy **


He’s done nothing but eat, sleep & get lots of pats since he got home (OK, not that different from his normal life, just more focused).

I don’t think the experience has changed him too much, he seems content to stay inside and calls a lot more so we know he’s around. The other cats appear to have accepted his return OK.

As for the neighbour we are trying to have as little contact as possible. Two weeks ago the police were at their house for a domestic dispute, apparently he was throwing knives at his brother :eek: Some issues there. Luckily one of the other guys in the street owns and runs his own security business and is keeping an eye on things.

Oh Yaaaaay! This makes my day. When my boxer ran off for three days, all we did was search and cry. It was horrible. Our reunion with him was worth of an Oprah episode. And like your kitty, all he did for days was eat and sleep and drink lots and LOTS of water.


I’m so happy you got your kitty back! Congratulations!