We got my cat back!

Around three weeks ago my cat* Nimitz* disappeared, as noted in this Pit thread.

Last night at 10pm I got a cryptic email from one of the message boards that I posted his details on: “We have your cat phone ########”.

This morning we rang them and got their location; a farm about 25km south of here!
About an hour later our wayward boy was back with his family. Tired, thin and lots of fleas but safe and well.

The vet check came back OK - except for his heart - the vet couldn’t hear that because Nimitz was purring so loudly. :smiley:

It’s almost certain our neighbour took him out and dumped him :mad: At our street Xmas party last night two of our other neighbours were pretty annoyed at the situation and were going to have a ‘chat’ with the guy in question to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Either way Nimitz is going to be a house cat for a while.

A great way to start the Xmas break. :slight_smile:

Great news.

Good that this has a happy ending.

So, is he gonna get some Xmas turkey or ham?

That’s great news.

Hooray! And since your neighbour seems to be a big dirty rat, I hope Nimitz eats him.

Welcome home, Nimitz!

Great news. And Nimitz obviously needs a companion called Halsey.


What a total asshole if it was your neighbor :frowning:

Battle Pope- just to add that I hope it wasn’t your neighbour. And I also hope you bought a carton of beer for the person who found your cat. From Nimitz of course.

I don’t know. If there’s anyone who might just run off with no warning, it’s Halsey.

Yeah- maybe calling it Task Force 34 would be better.

Then you could ask:

Where is, repeat, where is Task Force Thirty Four? The world wonders.

Hooray for a pet coming home!

It’s a wonderful life!

Sounds like a lovely Christmas present for you and for Nimitz. Happy holidays to both of you!

Hooray for a happy ending! And your neighbor is a jerk for stealing your cat and dumping him. :mad:



Yes, Christmas turkey, if you have any, is definitely warranted for Nimitz.

Time to take that neighbor out into the country and dump him.

Fantastic! :slight_smile:

Also, glad the cat has been recovered. Maybe he should be an indoor cat permanently.


Glad to hear the kitty is back. :slight_smile: