My kitty came home!

I didn’t post anything earlier because I didn’t want to be told it was my own damn fault for letting him go outside :frowning: but Squeaky had been missing since April 4. We posted fliers with his picture around the neighborhood and at the vet’s, interrogated neighbors and beat the brush, all to no avail. I had given up hope. I even told my husband to return the unopened bag of prescription catfood to the vet for a refund.

But last night, a week to the day after he went missing, he reappeared, clinging to the front window screen like usual. There’s not a mark on him, no signs of injury or disease, not even a burr or a mat. But he’s skinny as hell, you can feel every vertabra in his back. We wonder if a neighbor accidentally locked him in a garage or shed and then went on vacation, or maybe a dog chased him into unfamiliar territory and it took him a while to find his way home. We don’t think he was catnapped because he is still wearing his collar and ID tag (I would think a catnapper would want to dispose of the evidence).

[sub]See, I thought I was being a good mommy because I got him an ID tag, even though I let him go outside. He’s 10 years old, he’s set in his ways, and when he wants to go outside, he makes the message known, loudly and repeatedly. Please don’t hate me :([/sub]

I’m just so happy he’s home, I have to tell everyone I know :slight_smile: My baby’s back! Squeaky is in his bedroom and all is right with the world :slight_smile:

The cat came back? The very next day? I thought he was a goner—but the cat came back, 'cause he couldn’t stay away!

You do realize that the cat knew what he was doing. In the cat world going a week without food is nothing, as long as the owner (if you can use that term with cats) is mentally anguished. Now Squeaky reaps the harvest of what he has sown, namely you gushing all over him and spoiling him rotten. He knows what he is doing.

All the same it is good news that he is well.

The cat came back,
He didn’t want to roam,
the very next week it was home sweet home!
Great news!


[tapping foot] Gr888888kat… dont you remember my long drawn out two weeks worth of posing when my cat got hit by a car and had to be put to sleep 2 weeks later? huh?[/tapping foot]
Glad he’s safe though!

{{{{Gr8Kat}}}}}} I’m so happy your little cat is home safe!!!
{{{{{Whammo}}}} I’m so sorry :o(. I know it probably doesn’t help much, but I believe that your cat is alive and well in the next life, and he/she chose you out of all the people in the world to spend his/her life with. Shit, I’m crying now. Big hugs and stay well dude(ss).

I doubt it… he never did like me much. :smiley:

Yes, Whammo, I do :frowning: I’ve kept the younger cat, Orion, in the house with a moderate amount of success, but Squeaky is an old farm cat. He seems to know to stay out of the street, he prefers the field behind our house. So I don’t worry so much about him getting run over as I do him becoming coyote chow. Maybe when he gets a little older (God willing), he’ll settle down and give up his prowling ways (at least he’s fixed, so he’s not out literally tom-catting around).

Gosh, I am SO happy for you and Squeaky! I have three cats myself. Two of them have gone off on unscheduled walkabouts in the past, and it was a devastated, desolate, helpless feeling that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Fortunately, I was able to recover both my little shits in a few hours in the first case and a full day in the second case.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have one missing for a whole week! I wouldn’t wish that on anyone; it must have been horrible for you. You should make Squeaky understand how much he upset you, so he won’t run off like that again.

Is this really a cat? :wink:

Glad Squeaky is back with you.

Back in the days when I still had my Simon kitty, he used to insist on going outside. He’d often disappear for days at a time, and then reappear some morning as I was walking to the bus stop. He’d pop out from behind a tree, and follow me several blocks. When I got home from school, he was waiting patiently on the staircase to be let back in. I loved that cat…but then my mom decided to give him away, because she was semi-allergic. I miss my kitty…


That’s my favorite picture of him; I call him my cat-erpillar (aren’t I witty?) :slight_smile:

Here’s a picture of Squeaky and his grandma. He looks a little more normal here.

I’m sorry about your kitty, Pammi. I know the heartbreak of parents deciding which pets you can keep. I had to give away a couple cats because they were females and we couldn’t afford to get them fixed. My folks made me give them to farm friends so they and their offspring could be farm cats. Eventually I learned to bring home male cats because they’re cheaper to fix (and if you don’t, the kittens aren’t your problem <eg> <j/k!!!>).

A terrific photo, regardless of whatever form of live it is.

Which one is which? Both look lovely.

Glad your baby is home!

slight hijack: I went to the Kat house to see a picture of Peaches, is there one? Also, the pic of Jimmy as a puppy is ADORABLE.
Kiss them both for me. I went to school to become a vet tech, but I had to give it up second semester, because I’m so allergic to cats. When you intubate a cat, you have to be really, really, really, steady because the have such tiny little tracheas so you have to put this metal stylus in the tube to keep it from flinging around so you can shoot the tube throught the vocal cords. If you let the end of the metal stylus past the end of the tube, you are in danger of puncturing the trachea or worse. I would sneeze so hard my glasses would be five lab tables down and I was already taking three allergy shots 3 times a week and had surgery on my sinuses. I was so afraid I would kill a cat, that I dropped out of the program. I cried for days. I had wanted to work for the Chicago Cat Clinic. I have two dogs now (one is REALLY cat-like) but I still miss them. So everyone who has a cat, please pick them up and rub you cheek to them for me. End of hijack. Sorry, but I miss the furry little boogers.