We have a new moderator -- ELLEN CHERRY

Well I’ll be… how cool is that!

Ellen, I’m proud of you for taking on the role and know we remain in very capable hands.

A most excellent choice.

Congrats to another '99er from the Bluegrass. An excellent choice.

Congrats, Ellen!

Y’all are so sweet. I’ll remember this if things get hairy. Or tentacle~y.

If things get “tentacle-y”, you won’t remember a thing; it’s the drugs. :wink:

Welcome and Good Luck. :cool:

Hurrah! Congrats Ellen! Did they have to take your hat size, or is it a one-size-fits-all?

If you’re half a good a Mod as you are a person, then you’ll be… well, I’m not gonna lie, you’ll be okay…

I keed, too! Please don’t turn me into a goat!