We have a new moderator -- ELLEN CHERRY

Ellen Cherry is joining our staff effective today.

She will be in MPSIMS to start.

We’re happy to have her and I think you will be too. :slight_smile:

Who the hell is Ellen Cherry?

I keed. I keed. Congratulations and thanks, Ellen Cherry. :slight_smile:

Who the hell wants to know? :smiley:

Welcome, Ellen Cherry!

Congratulations, Ellen Cherry.

I hope you realize the initiation ritual for staff is much more. . .involved (yeah, yeah, that’s the word!) than the one for just becoming a member, right? We hire extra squids and everything! Of course, there’s still only one goat, but for mod initiation, he gets ‘props’ to use. :wink:


Welcome aboard, Ellen Cherry!

Stick with me, kid, and … um, … okay, well, maybe you should stick with Marley while you get your bearings.

Congrats, Ellen!

Thank you everyone! I’m excited. A little nervous about the goats, but other than that, fine. So far!

You’re a newly-minted Mod, and you’re still weak on ‘reading for comprehension’?? Go back, re-read my post. There is still only one goat. There are multiple squids.

Sheesh. How do you ever expect to successfully split hairs, when you can’t even determine that words that don’t end in ‘s’ don’t typically represent multiples? When I was a kid, Mods knew how to read. . .:wink:

Congratulations, Ellen! Remember to only use your powers for good!
Well, mostly, anyway.

eyeing Norine with great intensity

It’s not me you have to keep an eye on.
Look to your right. Third door over. . .

Raid! Hide everything!

Haven’t had the pleasure that I can recall. Which is really strange since we’re both 99ers. But congrats all the same!

Excellent choice!

OK. You stand over ------> there and create a distraction while I get the goat out to pasture and return the squids to the national aquarium! Then the only question left is how to explain the presence of 86 cases of lime Jell-O. . .oh yeah. It was a donation for the food pantry! I’m on it! :wink:

…that you know of. :wink:

Welcome to the crew, Ellen Cherry. I’m looking forward to working with you. :slight_smile:

The goat is fine, as long as you NEVER turn your back on him. If I were you, I’d worry about the squid(s).

Also, don’t forget to check your jackboots before you pull them on in the morning. You’d be surprised what the Teeming Millions leave in them sometimes.

Hey, if Ellen Cherry has never seen hentai, why tip our hand now? :wink:

::whispering:: tentacles