We have finally entered the era of cool, innovative video game interfaces and perhipe

…that take gaming to the next level. After so many years of abortive attempts, I feel like we’ve finally reached a technological point where they’re doing awesome stuff.

I think that “Guitar Hero” was the clear catalyst - a game that requires an expensive, proprietary add-on controller not only wasn’t a complete failure, but was a huge success. Now “Rock Band” is going to take that to the next level with TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS’ worth of extra perhiperals. The Wii’s success has been entirely built around the idea of cool and unique interfacing. The Nintendo DS’s touch-screen and microphone interface has been a success.

I think the most mindblowing thing like this that I’ve seen recently is the forthcoming Eye of Judgment for the PS3, which I got to play this past weekend. It’s a completely inspired idea that feels practically magical in its marriage of “real world stuff you’re touching” (a deck of cards and a mat on the table in front of you) and “crazy video game stuff happening on the screen” (the resulting animations and interactive things.

Richard Marx works for Sony now?