We invent a new word at work - enskanked

One of the guys at work has attracted the attention of a woman that most people consider a “skank”. This has lead to two great discoveries - his charm has been dismissed by one of the women calling him a “skank magnet” and today when he was seen chatting her up someone said he had been “enskanked” so I give you.

en·skank ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-skank)
tr.v. en·skank·ed, en·skank·ing, en·skanks
To cast a spell over;
To attract using the “charms” of a skank

We still use the delightful olde “cuntstruck”.

Aha, again we have–a bit of a cultural gap. Use that c-word anywhere near a woman up here and…well…kaboom

I like ‘enskanked’ and will use it in daily conversation.

Put it here:

Ooh, I like that. Won’t be able to use it often, though.

I’ve put “enskanked” in.

Enskanked—BAND NAME! :smiley:

I like the word and the definition provided, but I think there could also be an alternate definition based on the word ensconced.

Ensconced means safely and/or comfortably settled in place. As in "He was firmly ensconced in his armchair, reading his favorite book.

I suggest a second definition for enskanked: safely and comfortably settled in the role of “skank”. In other words, not just slightly skanky, but fully and happily skanky.