We liked the 3rd dimension so much we moved in

I sure am glad that we decided to stop at the 3rd dimension.

Thinking about different or new senses got me thinking about when people talk about “seeing the future”. Now if humans had the ability to see the future, or rather, see the 4th dimension (usually time is called the 4th dimension) it would harder to deal with than we think.

Personal opinions and wild leaps of logic to follow:

If humans had a sixth sense and it allowed us to see the 4th dimension would it not function just like all of our other senses? Chances are this sense, like our other 5, would be working all time. We would always see the future and past of everything around us. Would people look like long chains of themselves, like a low F-stop picture. A big blur of that person going through their entire life, but you could see it all? If you could see every point in a person’s life (with your sixth sense) how would you know which point in that person’s life you should talk to?

It’s even more confusing when everyone else has this ability. If everyone could see what you were about to do, do you really have any free will? People could no longer be responsible for their own actions, becauce the future will have been set. Contrastly if we can change the future, then our sixth sense would constantly change. The view of the future would be a shifting sea of images as present actions reshape the possible futures.

In all, this is far too confusing and I’m happy to live in my 3 dimensional world. :slight_smile:

How much is that an ounce?

Yeah, if we could see time and adjust our actions accordingly, then those actions are going to have further ramifications which, in themselves, would need to be considered and possibly modified.

I think you’re right… it would be one giant headache and still couldn’t necessarily save us from a falling tree.

Interesting thought. But you are imagining sight attached to the sixth sense. Each sense stands alone, so we would not see anything, but merely be aware of whatever we chose to recognize. Some people have better senses of smell and are annoyed by any perfume, whereas others bathe in cologne. Some people can notice the tiniest fleck of dirt while others do not. It would be a matter of what each individual chose to accept from their sense. So you would meet someone and choose to think about their possible futures, or choose to ignore them, like any other stimulus.
Still confusing, though.

It’s free and it’s called boredom. :slight_smile:

chrisk72, you’re probably right. If we had a sixth sense it would be independent of our sight, hearing, and other 5 senses but that would be more of an awareness of time. I think.

Maybe what I really mean is if our 5 senses were able to see into the 4th dimension (seeing the future or past). Not really an extra sense but more of an improvement on what we have.

I really need to go home. Without doing work I’m starting to think about things (the horror!)

Let me turn that around: if you have free will, could anyone really see what you were about to do?

[sub]I can see the three-and-a-thirdth dimension. (It’s like looking at solid fractals.) It’s kind of like having a fifth-and-a-half sense.[/sub]

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”

How do you know we don’t have more than five senses, and we take them so much for granted we don’t even realize we have them?

Likewise, if we lose a sense (smell works best for this), we might not notice right away, because not sensing something doesn’t register as strongly as sensing something does. I lost my sense of smell about a year ago, and it took several months for me to notice.

Oh, and I disagree with the idea of time being the fourth dimension. If we discover that there really is a physical dimension beyond the three we know about, will it become the fifth dimension, or would time get bumped from fourth to fifth?