We must stone Nancy! (Jeopardy!)

In the category “In the Smithsonian,” the clue was “This weapon from Star Trek.” Her answer: a light saber.

Stone the anti-nerd!!!

No need to stone her . . . unless they accepted her response.

Well. I hope she at least said “WHAT IS a lightsaber?”

Neither of the other contestants got it. In fact, tonight’s game seemed particularly sloppy in terms of knowledge and phrasing.

Can we burn her?

Into the transporter she goes, right into the core of the nearest plant.

I love freaking out the geeks by crossing the franchises. It’s so funny watching their reactions. Remember that time Darth Vader used a Vulcan Nerve Pinch on that guy? He was really hoopy.

You mean … like in Little Shop of Horrors? :eek: :dubious:

BLASPHEMY! You said it again!

Then hopped in his TARDIS to go to Magrathea; I love that episode.

Sooooo, it was photon torpedos? No, wait, a Bat’leth?

“Your agonizer, Mister Nancy.”

“I’ll wager 5000 quatloos, Alex.”

Bonk! Bonk! On the head!!!

“She is as clumsy as she is stupid.”

I think it was last night when one of the contestants gave an incorrect response, not in the form of a question. After Alex said incorrect, another contestant tried the same incorrect answer, this time in the proper form. It was still wrong.

So what are we going to do to Sluggo?

Did you ever see the episode of the Man Show where they show up at a theater where people have been camping out for the opening of the new Star Wars movie and Adam and Jimmy cut in line dressed in Star Trek gear? It was awesome.

Eh, my stepdaughter said the same answer. If you don’t follow the franchises, you’ll never keep the technologies straight.

My biggest beef is what Robot Arm said above. It looked to me that these people got into the wrong line when they went to play “Wheel of Fortune”.

So what was the answer, er, question? I know light sabers are from Star Wars but I didn’t know the Star Trek weapon had a name. But then I only watched the original series.