We need a Sarah Palin community sock

Just that. A username “SarahPalin” that everyone has the password for. I’d do it but I can’t consistently string together enough “shout outs” winks, “you betchas” and workin,’ sayin,’ nukin’ to really pull off the character.

But collectively, when the heckling spirit merges with the Palin channel…what a glorious Doper Sarah Palin would be!

Agreed. Count me in.

You betcha!

Gosh darnit, say it ain’t so, Inigo, you wouldn’t want us to git in trouble now, would ya?

So, you bribed a Mod or what?

The problem with jokes like this–and I’m assuming it’s a joke for Inigo’s sake–is that you’ll inevitably find a few people who’ll take it seriously. I think we can close this thread down.