We only ship to the US and Canada


This is a minor rant. Well, no, it isn’t. I’m really angry.

But they’re “really sorry.” WTF?

Ok, I get it, there’s no civilization outside of North America, and while we’re dancin’ 'round our campfires fuelled by unfortunate LDS missionaries, we don’t really need cool T-shirts. We’re warm anyway. Gotcha.



I still want these shirts.

Have some sympathy for the stupid fools. How were they supposed to know that the VERY IMPORTANT MESAGE from a missionary in western Africa was too good to be true?

So you’re telling me that all online business not operating in the US will ship to the US?

You mean the one that ordered 1,000 “Si, se habla Old Norse” shirts for his democratic freedom fighters in exile? He offered to pay in pure gold, you know.

Why not?

this chaps my ass to. shit, you get a credit card, process the money & then ship the goods. i’m not seeing where the fraud comes in.

Me neither. Visa is Visa. If I’m that untrustworthy (for being foreign and shit), I wonder why they gave me the card at all.

Not necessarily, but they won’t give their reasons with such ridiculously parochial and rather patronising fraud-related ways.

Heh. They accept money orders. :rolleyes:

Damn, now I have to buy a chicken t-shirt.

I think they could have just left it as we only ship to US or Canada. The explanation just gets stupider as you read.

I occasioanly help a freind with her ebay business. Anything larger they a legal size envelope is limited to american or canadian shipping. It is dificult and can get expensive to get confirmed or ensured deliveries to some countries on larger items.

What, praytell, is “ridiculously parochial and rather patronising” about discontinuing international shipping after being defrauded by overseas buyers with stolen CC numbers?

Am I to understand that you think a small online t-shirt house should be prepared to subsidize international wire fraud just so you can have that “I (Heart) Monkey Business” t-shirt shipped to you?

Visa will not protect the seller for CC transactions on the web. There is no signature and no physical card to look at, so the merchant must assume the risk. We have taken to personally calling people with large orders.

Sounds like a business opportunity in the making.

What, praytell, is “ridiculously parochial and rather patronising” about discontinuing international shipping after being defrauded by overseas buyers with stolen CC numbers?QUOTE]

Because it defies all sense. Somebody in Liechtenstein ripped me off, ergo I will no longer be shipping to Kazakhstan.

If they had suffered a spate of credit card fraud in the United States, am I to understand they would have ceased all domestic orders, and continued foreign ones?

With a lame collection of shirts like that, I am guessing the only orders they get are fraudulent
Denmark know Bar-B-Q?.
WTF, over?

They don’t actually name specific countries; the locale that rips them off is identified as “overseas,” and the way it is phrased it sounds like the majority of their overseas orders are bogus. If this company is still small, even a few such orders could sink it. Their actions make perfect sense to me. When you know someone is trying to steal from you, why make it easy for them?

I really don’t understand the anger directed at the company in this thread. Geez people, they’re just T-shirts. Go buy them somewhere else.

Hell, I just hate it when US places won’t ship to Canada. I mean, you don’t have to deal with overseas shipping and that.

I have had telephone operators insist on knowing which state Panama is in, or the zip code for Saudi Arabia. The first “W” stands for “worldwide.” You can’t book a flight from Jeddah to Mexico City on most ticket sites. You have to start or end in America. Mobile phones in the US sometimes will not let you make calls to Mexico or Panama, check your agreement.

A very insular nation.

You’re in China, and you’re complaining about needing stuff to be shipped in? The Chinese are already making everything as it is. Whaddaya want, barbecue?

Though that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Mmmmm…barbecue.