We paid off our mortgage!

::happy dance:: Or a reasonable approximation for someone 240 pounds.

WOW! Good for you! I hope someday to be able to say the same.

[homer simpson]
Woo Hoo! Look at that jelly go!
[/homer simpson]

Congrats. I hope to do that eight years from now. You can congratulate me in advance or just put a reminder in Outlook.

I forgot to mention: The mortgage burning ceremony should be done outside.

Congratulations on joining the ranks of the free (well, free-er, anyways). :slight_smile:

Well Done!

Now all you have to do is make sure your mtg company cancels the lien on your property properly and that the local taxing authorities have the right mailing address for your tax bills.

PS- I know everyone is going to ‘boo’ me for saying this, but can I convince you to actually keep your original cancelled mortgage in a safe place somewhere and just burn some copy-paper symbolically at your party? You never know when possession of original documentation just might save you a pricey title search should you ever move.

Just Sayin’…

Don’t know why, but when I first saw this thread I thought it said “We paid off our luggage”

And I was thoroughly confused.

Yes - the euphoric feeling of paying off our last house was significantly dampened by the realization that the taxes never end! :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s still awful nice knowing that the next time you need to tell someone to get off your land, it really is yours, for the most part anyway. :smiley:

Congrats Chefguy!

In four years and 4 months rumbling shall be heard out of south Georgia, USA. That will be me doin’ the happy no more mortgage dance.

Congratulations! You must feel wonderful.

Oh man, I am so envious. It’s such a huge thing to pay off your mortgage - I hope to be like you someday :slight_smile:

CONGRATS TO YOU (and your title-signing ex-mortgage holding partner of choice)!!!

What are you going to do with that extra money?

I thought it said Montage, yes I was confused as well

Woohoo! Congratulations. Enjoy your victory. :slight_smile:

Well done. Only 24.8 more years for me until I can do the same dance!

Wow, congrats. 29 more years here, but I’m going to TRY to start using my tax refunds as extra payments.

My last mortgage payment is next February, but I need some home improvements and I’m thinking of getting a home loan to pay off at the same rate as the mortgage.

Decisions, decisions.

Congrats! About 10 minutes after you made that post, I finished signing the papers for my first house. And in October of 2036, I’ll be able to make a post like yours! :wink:

I would still be looking at 26 more years of payments however my father convinced me with hard numbers to refinace a year after I started my 30-year to a 20-year fixed and take advantage of 4.75% interest.
Now I’ll be done in 17 years, just when the first kid graduates high school.

We’re getting ready to refinance after five years to 1) Drop the PMI and 2) Get the lower interest rate. At first I was iffy starting the clock over again, but this isn’t going to be our last house, (we’re staying here until the kids get out of school, then we’ll see) so I’m okay dropping my mortgage by over $100 a month.