We pit malicious GOP behavior!

Impeach LBJ!

Which statute is that?

Well, it’s about time.

Sorry. Not a “statute” by the corrupt legislators of Flordia.
A Constitutional Amendment passed by the People of Florida:

Again, if you think the prison move was not “drawn with the intent or result of denying or abridging the equal opportunity of racial or language minorities to participate in the political process or to diminish their ability to elect representatives of their choice” then please Pit yourself.

Googling, I see that the Florida State Supreme Court has already found the legislature to be in violation of this Amendment. But aren’t you a lawyer? Why don’t you find the details yourself?

Alas, there are great difficulties with finding details that don’t actually exist. You will note (or would have noted, if you had read it) that the constitutional amendment says something completely different from what you claimed previously.

LBJ needed a stronger revenue stream & a much better foreign policy, but he had his good points.

As to the gerrymandering issue, we could solve that by doing what the Greeks do regarding voting rights: Even prisoners have the right to vote, except for those convicted of treason or mutiny. Even a resident of a psychiatric hospital has the right to vote unless specifically declared incompetent by a judge.

I think not only ex-convicts but prisoners should have the right to vote in general. Heck, ex-cons should even be able to run for office. (DeLay and Hastert might be delighted to hear that!) Otherwise, one can trump up new “felonies” to exclude political enemies from participation in high office, as the USA has done.

I’m seeing the same thing RnATB is seeing-- the constitutional amendment you cited does NOT say districts have to be drawn to provide minorities with favorable outcomes. Can you underline the part that you quoted that you think does?

I once started a thread asking why not let American felons vote. Some respondents seemed offended by the impertinence of the question.

Well, it’s just so easy.

Our state Democratic Party Platform had a years-old plank saying Impeach Nixon!. (This was from pre-Watergate; I think the main cause given was his illegal bombing of Cambodia circa 1969.)

Years later, I served on a Commission that was reorganizing the platform, rearranging a lot of disorganized & overlapping planks, and removing obsolete ones that had been accomplished, or bypassed by events. We sent the Convention floor a recommendation modifying nearly a hundred platform planks; the Impeach Nixon! plank was one we recommended deleting.

And when that reached the thousand or so delegates on the floor … they objected. Strongly.
As one speaker said “It doesn’t matter that Nixon has been dead and buried for years now, we should call for his impeachment – posthumously. Because he was such an evil man, and did such evil to this nation and the world.” After several minutes of impassioned speeches, that one recommendation was severed from the commission report, and the rest of it passed.

So there were still people pushing to impeach Nixon, 30 years later.

(It’s not in the current platform. A few years later, the entire platform was rewritten, and presented as a complete replacement. If anyone noticed that this new version had quietly dropped the Impeach Nixon! plank, they didn’t mention it.)

Yeah, I’ve never quite understood the urge to disenfranchize felons, either. They’re still citizens- as such, they should have their say as to how it’s run. If they are a large enough voting bloc to influence the laws that put them in jail then maybe the problem is with how many felons we’ve got, not that the felons we’ve got can vote.

And besides- as a nation we’ve got a remarkably low voter turnout, anyway- are felon voters (an even smaller percentage of voters) really going to sway a vote in the first place?

Well, we’ve got the largest inmate population in the world.

Because black people are disproportionately represented among inmates and paroled/probationary felons, so withdrawing voting rights from felons is an easy way to disenfranchise the African-American community without looking racist.

For what it’s worth, Vermont and Maine allow everyone to vote, even current felony inmates.

Aside from the Florida amendment under discussion, I think we can all agree that gerrymandering is bad, right? We can argue about whether that bad behavior crosses the line into maliciousness, but if we define willfully acted upon bad behavior as “malicious”, then so be it.

But… if the goal is to identify “bad” behaviors associated only with Republicans, one could hardly pick a worse example than gerrymandering. If that is NOT the goal, then I’ll gladly join the shaming. One Republican in a state legislature discussed the idea of gerrymandering. Bad Republican! Malicious Republican!

You know, perhaps a bigger, more important question might be how I managed to misspell “disenfranchise”. That’s gonna bug me for years.

Sigh. No. I simply said start there.

Posts like yours are why people say that liberalism is a mental disorder. You deliberately chose to overlook the point that I am making. The OP said let’s malicious GOP behavior. I asked why not pit malicious Democrat behavior as well, but OMG that’s just crazy talk because the Democrats have no malicious behavior at all, not one little bit, nosiree bob.

You don’t like Box 13? How about Orval Faubus standing in the doorway of Central High School in Little Rock, denying admission to black students? How about LBJ bragging how the Civil Rights Act “will have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”? Or LBJ dragging us through the mud of Vietnam; it took a Republican to get us out of that clusterfuck. How about Clinton committing perjury while President? How about Obama selling us down the river on anything and everything he possibly can, the latest being the Iran nuclear treaty handjob? How about just little things, like Democrats vandalizing Jeb Bush campaign signs?

There’s a shitload of stuff that the Dems have done. Neither side is innocent.

This one is pretty silly – the experts pretty uniformly agree that this is a good deal. This is the global-warming of nuclear non-proliferation… everyone who knows about the issue, pretty much, is on one side.

Ancient history, rumors and petty crap? Oh, please start a thread!

“People” don’t say that. Some morons say that.

He already did, you silly history-ignorant liberal, you!

And it was the bestest thread EVER!!!

Gonna be huge! And classy!