We pit malicious GOP behavior!

OK, here you go. I did consider expanding the mission of the thread to right-wing parties in general, but for consistency with SRIOTD, we can keep it to the GOP.

It’s not like Steve Harper can’t have his own thread, anyway.

And here’s one which makes me think I should have just gone with the larger “right-wing” category. A Republican working with Libertarians to undermine honest government!

Redistricting is such a complex polygonal issue in Florida that nothing surprises me any more.

It’s not really malicious. It’s just a variation on gerrymandering. Jerkish, perhaps. Being caught saying it out loud definitely qualifies as an SRIOTD though.

If pretending that counting black prisoners who are denied the right to vote complies with “Districts shall not be drawn to deny racial or language minorities the equal opportunity to participate in the political process and elect representatives of their choice” does not constitute fraud and malice, then we must be using different dictionaries.

I’m sure Bricker will be along to say “But it’s LEEEEEEEEGAL!”

GOP now stands for Gerrymander Or Perish.

But . . . electoral districts in the U.S. have always been drawn up based on the numbers of the total, general population, not the numbers of voters or eligible voters. Kids count, nonvoting ex-cons count, noncitizen immigrants count. And that matters when it comes to allocation of government funding for public services, etc. – a region’s needs in that regard are roughly proportional to its population regardless of how many of them can or do vote.

Granted, it is still debatable whether for such purposes “general population” should be defined to include prisoners, who are entirely outside the society of the county where they happen to be incarcerated and in no way participate in its civic life or economy, and whose economic needs the state serves through more direct institutional channels.

The prisoners will be counted no matter what. The question is simply where to count them.

And in the interest of fairness, when will you start one about the Democrats?

You could kick it off with the Box 13 scandal and go downhill from there.

We could, and should.

But reaching all the way back to 1948 for an equivalence when the GOP version is listing contemporary cases seems like a bit of a reach.

We could title it “Tales My Grandpappy Told Me”.

Why can’t you?

I propose foolsguinea and Clothahump agree that foolsguinea’s next Pit thread will be against the Democrats and Clothahump’s will be against the Republicans.

Because when Clothy started the Stupid Liberal Thing Of The Day thread, it died on the vine for lack of stupid things.

Nope. There were too many to choose from.

Which is why you had to reach back almost fifty years to find the example you posted in *this *thread?

Yeah, nobody went to that thread - it was too crowded!

RIP Yogi

I guess the fact that you were the one that started it just wasn’t inspiration enough to bring on even more of teh stupid.

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Since we’re in the Pit, I’ll say it: You two cannot read for comprehension.

The districting statute has an expressed criterion*** to provide minorities favorable electoral outcomes***, i.e. “gerrymandering” to get a black district. (Whether this is good or bad policy is a separate debate.) The proposal is to rig the racial compositions to comply, ignoring that the rigged-to voters cannot affect the electoral outcome because they are denied the right to vote.

We already have two or three threads whose titles should be Right-wing Stupidity as Performance Art. Is this thread going to be hijacked into another one?