The Republicans will say anything to hold onto power


National Republican Congressional Committee:

More than a little projection there, of course, but you get the idea. They’ll say any damn thing they want; they’re totally disconnected from reality.

Yes they will lie, cheat, steal, plunder your villages, and rape your women. Vote now! Vote early! Vote often!

“Unknown middle easterners”
Trump knows just how to scare his supporters.

They’ll fake a tax cut for the middle class, apparently.

Or lie about instituting a state income tax.

Unknown Middle Easterner 1: How do we get to America?
Unknown Middle Easterner 2: First, we travel to Honduras. Then, we walk!
Evil laughter ensues.

I am shocked, shocked, to discover that a Republican would lie.

Robespierre doesn’t look so bad these days.

Nuts to dog whistles, they’ve moved up to bigot bullhorns.

Me no more than you, but the scale of it is so far beyond anything from the pre-Trump era. They no longer feel the need to have the lies be even an extremely elastic stretching of the truth: it’s totally into gonzo territory. It’s what they think they can get people to believe, whether there’s any remotely factual basis or not.

You should see the anti-Gretchen Whitmer ads running in Michigan. She’s going to take over the healthcare industry, make your employer health insurance illegal, and double your taxes. Luckily her opponent, Bill Shuette, makes Dukakis look charismatic and will still win handily.

They’re so unknown, they don’t even know they’re Middle Eastern. Scary shit!

I assume you mean that Whitmer will still will handily. Because this reads like you think Schutte will win handily. But nothing I’ve seen supports that.

Yes they will say anything and to an extent I expect that of them. What I find absolutely appalling is the voter suppression because it subverts the very foundation of democracy.

Yes, you are correct and I worded that very clumsily. She will beat him like a rented mule.

The GOP doesn’t want democracy; they want control.

Then there’s Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York, who sent mailers to voters in Democratic areas telling them an incorrect (and late) date to mail in their absentee ballots. Even worse, this is the same trick he pulled in 2016, at the time saying it was an error. Really, twice in a row?

Just fricking wow.

I received a text message from “Pres. Trump” yesterday notifying me that my vote had NOT yet been RECORDED on my state’s roster, and that he needs me to vote GOP.

Which is strange, because I voted last Saturday. Also surprising was that the president has a phone number with a local area code.

He’s calling from inside the house!

Next election, look for tollbooths in front of polling places…