Trump claims people in California are rioting to get out of sancuary cities.

Not really sure where to drop this, but IMHO is OK I guess.

Now, this wasn’t a 4am tweet. He claimed that California is rioting in a speech.

I think that perhaps he had a dream that this is what is happening. He is inventing domestic trouble that does not exist and inciting violence.

Ever know a liar? A real liar. They become so entrenched in their falsehoods, they believe them. It’s all they have.

He’s delusional. His base will believe him. Article 25 now.

You ridicule the president. Do you not remember the Bowling Green Massacre? :dubious:

Apparently you haven’t seen any of the political ads that the GOP is running on YouTube, eh.

I have seen multiple ads that claim that Democrats are funding MS-13. I’ve seen ads that say that Democrats want immigrants to come here and murder your family so that they can vote in our elections (for Democrats, of course). I’ve seen ads that say that Democrats want to kill all the police, senior citizens, and children. I’ve seen ads that say that Democrats want completely open borders.

I’ve never seen such a volume of nakedly vicious and objectively false political ads in my 50+ years on this planet, not here in America. And from my experience, it’s all coming from one side: the GOP.

Most of them are likely planted videos by foreign entities, and not from the GOP.

NO. Most of them are from the GOP. Don’t try and mitigate these ads by claiming they aren’t funded by, wanted by or appreciated by the GOP: they are. The GOP wanted Citizens United so they could influence politics without anyone knowing they did so or how much they did so, and now they’re using the situation they created to their advantage.

IMO, trying to deflect blame away from those who instigated, use and benefit from the current perverse laws regarding campaign finance isn’t going to help end this situation; pointing it out will.

And pointing out that what the GOP says about their opponents and about our country is an ever-increasingly ridiculous set of lies is central to that effort.

The thing is, Trump’s lies (and all the other lies told by Republicans) work. You can see people on this board posting these things as if they were actual facts. From a politician’s point of view, why bother telling the truth when a lie serves your purpose better and people are willing to believe anything? Republican politicians aren’t going to stop lying until Republican voters start wanting to hear the truth.

Which won’t happen because Republican voters think they are hearing the truth.

This is rather difficult to believe. You have a link for the cop/geezer/baby murder ad?

I don’t youtube and pay little attention to adds. I don’t think I’ve seen a single add one way or the other. Or perhaps I just ignore them. This, though, came out of the assholes face. I linked to this one as it was on the front page of Yahoo. It’s not that much of a different lie than all the others, but you would THINK that his base could at least understand that it’s a complete and utter lie.

It’s been said in other threads and posts. News organizations of all stripes should just start off with -

“President Trump lied again today, only the third one since this morning”

Wasn’t that a Neko Case song?


Just watch YouTube. I see a gazillion of these things every day when I watch music videos; there’s one before nearly every video. Google is making a fortune off these ads; there’s no way they’ll shut down that money spigot. No matter who gets elected or what happens to the country later, they’re gonna take the money now.

Article 25 won’t protect America from his voters who will happily vote for the next white nationalist, authoritarian, dangerously incompetent, treasonous con man who runs on the GOP ticket.

I do watch youtube but I haven’t seen it.

You’re right. And I thing and IMHO and all, it was put in place to protect us from this. Unfortunately congress and his administration (on whatever day you choose to pick) is completely behind this moron. They didn’t suspect that the country as a whole would not understand that hitting your thumb with a hammer, is likely to hurt.

Adblocker or an account?

Are you saying that you have seen this ad too?

Open borders, I have seen. Funding illegals, yes: “Gov Brown is taking all the money from the gas tax and spending it on programs for Illegals, etc”. That the Dems want illegals to vote.

I have not yet seen “Democrats want to kill all the police, senior citizens, and children.”

Keep watching, I guess. It helps, I suppose, that I watch lots of 3-6 minute videos rather than a handful of 30 minute long things.

I’d link to them individually but AFAICT they aren’t actually posted to YouTube, they just run as ads.

Well, I’m a little surprised that youtube is running ads that say the Democrats are pro-infanticide and pro-geronticide, but if you say so.