Worst campaign ads, 2018 edition

This one is going to be tough to beat… but I just believe that the ingenuity and incompetence of American politicians can give it a run for its money!

Ok, let's start with the copy.

Wow. Strong stuff. China people? China family? Cocaine Mitch? Ding-dong Ching-chong? Me so solly? Oh wait, he didn’t actually say that last one. Or the one before. Hard to tell where fact ends and fiction begins.

But here’s what really impresses me: that West Virginia Senate candidate Don Blankenship can even SPEAK after taking six Ambien right before the filming started. To call his performance wooden would be an insult to the siding on that green house.

When I saw this the other day, his mumbling delivery struck me even more than the content of his words. I guess the Ambien explains that.

As a free bit of advice to the Blankenship campaign. Don’t repeat your opponents talking points against you unless you are directly addressing them in detail. Prior to this ad, I wouldn’t have known that people thought that he was mentally ill. After watching it I see why they would come to that conclusion.

No kidding. After I saw the ad, my first thought was, “Oh yeah. He is mentally incapacitated.”

My second was, “Maybe I should change my user name to Swamp Captain.”

I thought Jed Clampett was dead. This guy makes Jethro Bodine look like Einstein.


That ad reminds me of my own state’s primary debate for governor a couple years ago:

Sadly, Harley did not win.

Republican nutjobbery exists in every state.

You might be mildly amused by this example from our recent local elections (we don’t have paid ads, simply a rationed number of slots on all the main stations for party election broadcasts, which are usually just dull rather than truly awful):

I thought it was going to be Greg Knight’s scintillating performance, but of course that was last year.

Ultimate Charisma Challenge - man vs door

Best bit is the “kick ass” theme song at the end, and the exhortation to vote for Greg, and his running mate Back Theresa.

There is no man who walks through the door like Greg Knight. The only way he could improve is if he were swinging his arms WITH his legs (left foot forward/left arm forward; right foot forward/right arm forward).

You mean Albert Einstein, the Jew person?

Brian Kemp, the Georgia Republican candidate for governor, who pointed a shotgun at a young man in a previous ad, is at it again:


Reminds me of this:


Mitch McConnell is a highly effective and extremely competent senate leader.

If Trumpists bring him down and he gets replaced by someone far more dysfunctional and incompetent as senate leader, I say bring it on.

Majority Leader Joe, anyone? :smiley:

(I wanted to say Speaker Joe; it has a much better ring to it, but probably no joy there…)

Catherine Templeton, Republican candidate for governor in South Carolina, shoots a snake.


Good god! What a fucking stupid ad.

Anyone notice the trend in these worst campaign ads?

They know their audience?

This has to be one of the least effective campaign mailings I’ve ever received.
Yesterday I got something from Omar Navarro, who is running for the Republican slot to challenge House Representative Maxine Waters in CA-43.

  1. I don’t live in CA-43. I’m in CA-33 (Ted Lieu’s district) about 2 miles from the boundary. You’d think the first rule of campaign spending is make sure the voters you target can actually vote for you.

  2. I’m registered Non-partisan, so this wasn’t targeted by party, but seems more of a blanket mailer.

  3. In a district that is 46% Latino, and went for both Obama and Clinton by over 78%, he proudly touts that he’s endorsed by Joe Arpaio. Exactly who is he trying to reach in this district? And is he going to find them?

Granted, in a D+29 district, a R is pretty much pissing into the wind. But it’s comical to see a candidate spend money in the least effective way possible.

Ted Lieu’s my rep too. And considering that the 33rd mostly hugs the coastline, it’s hard to swing a dead cat and not hit someone who lives within two miles of the boundary lines. Maybe Navarro should move to Rohrabacher’s district, the 48th. He might have a chance there.

Waters is a local(ish) fixture. She’s not going anywhere unless she wants to.

China people is not the preferred nomenclature.


Eleni Kounalakis is running for Lieutenant Governor of California. Her entire campaign seems based around supporting immigrants against Trump. She doesn’t mention that her father is a multibillionaire. The thing is, I’m voting for her, because the other Democratic candidate is uninspiring. Both of them are former Ambassadors under Obama.