NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day (Part 2)

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Yeesh, I’d forgotten the implacability of Discourse.

In reply to Running Coach: yeah, that deer-in-headlights photo will stain Mitt’s reputation forever.

Which just makes him more determined to oppose today’s Donald-worship (as typified by his relative Ronna Romney McDaniel).

It’s not quite as bad as Pence’s “flunky see, flunky do” water-bottle moment, but it’s bad enough.

Bolded (by me) bit: perfection! :+1:

Welcome to the Jungle…

Agreed. :+1:

Former Canadian and alleged Zodiac killer Ted Cruz thinks Canadians should be starved to death unless they overthrow their own elected government.

Just want to make sure I’ve got this right: This thread is actually SRIOTD Part 3, isn’t it?

Well, this is part two of the “NEW” SRIOTD thread. It’s only part 3 if you count the “OLD” pre-Discourse thread as part one.

Well, yeah. Stupid Republican Ideas of the Day have always been Stupid Republican Ideas of the Day and always will be!

The GOP’s official Twitter account is bragging that they have a record-breaking 40 black people running for office nationwide this year.

Whoopie fucking do, GQP. There are 57 currently serving Black member of Congress who are Democrats, and two count 'em two that are repubs. Call us when you elect a Black President.

Though honestly I am surprised there are even that many Black repubs. Why would anyone belong to a party that wants them dead, or at least wants them as second-class citizens?

They tried. They offered us Covid-poster-child Pizza Guy, and brain sturgeon Jesus Guy, and maybe someone else who got as far as the culling debates but that I fail to remember. Rs just do not want any of that.

Curious to see whatever pushback there might be.
So…tomorrow, then. Fuck.
Ashamed the wretched milksop was from this side of the border. What a through and through piece of shit.

Wondering how much of those 90% vaccinated truckers will actually not partake, then. :roll_eyes:

They quite probably could have had Colin Powell, if he had been interested. Times were different then.

Well, right, but he was not really a Republican. I suspect he was not interested in advancing their agenda. He worked for W out of some perverted sense of loyalty, but I am not convinced that he was anything more than not-a-Democrat.

And that makes him kind of appealing, as I have long said that the person who wants to be President is the person who should not get the job.

“Perhaps the leopards will eat my face last”, says woman voting to reelect Leopards Eating People’s Faces party

Well, different classes of people have different types of faces, you see, with different tastes. Perhaps the Leopards will be selective. And hydroxychloroquine is a fine Leopard repellant.

What percentage of Republicans running for office might that be?

Well, they’re not the only ones. Heck, the Log Cabin Republicans are still around