NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day (Part 3)

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Yea, I guess?

Tennessee preacher says Christians should commit suicide bombings, puts curse on Barbie movie.

As long as they do it in an open field all alone, I can’t really object to symbolic suicide bombings of the terminally stupid. Better they take out their whole family, but I’ll settle for one at a time if that’s the best I can get.

I cannot get in with an account.

Useless wastes of oxygen.

ninja’d in the older compendium.

Dammit this is the Republican Party, not the Liberiatarians.

They’re trying to conflate the US flag and the Texas flag. They’d try the Florida flag but that would raise the ire of their ghod and anyway, with the state seal in the middle it’s awfully busy.

And Alabama has something to say about that flag.

A Republican sheriff in Virginia has been indicted in federal court for selling police credentials to campaign donors.

George Santos, recently returned from a dive to the Titanic, realizes he is a member of the Leopard Face Eating Party.

" Citing DeSantis’ famous “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which bars any classroom discussion of content that even vaguely touches on LGBTQ existence, Santos said he approves of the bill “in its nature,” but is just now concerned it may have a “pervasive agenda behind it.” WHAT GAVE IT AWAY, GEORGE?"

“”…just a gay congressman waking up one day and realizing he’s been vocally supporting and enabling a bunch of homophobic men who hate him."

Man, if I lived in Florida…
“This result was first proven by mathematician Alan Turing, about whom I am not permitted to say more according to Florida HB 1557”.

And then in the inevitable court case, “I wish to advise the court that I have left plans for my substitute teacher for them to show a live stream of this court case for my classes. So keep that in mind while you’re discussing the charges against me.”

Loser Donald twitted out Obama’s home address and a 1/6 rioter showed up there in a van full of guns.

Why am I not surprised? :roll_eyes:

Social media is full of such comments at the moment. It’s not particularly surprising at all, all things considered.

Is she currently the lone voice put forward by Fox to show that they are even-handed?

Alex Jones says Biden is going to have the Secret Service murdered for finding Hunter’s coke.

Or that the Secret Service put Hunter’ coke there and then found it as a way of telling people that Biden is going to murder them.

It’s hard to parse his ramblings at this point.

Meanwhile there’s a Trump child somewhere saying ‘So that’s where that eight-ball went!’

I’m sensing a buried lede here. ”THE” White House cocaine?


A bag of cocaine was found in the White House. I haven’t looked into closely enough to know exactly where, but the Secret Service found it and it was indeed cocaine. Which of course means that Hunter Biden left it there.