Stupid Republican idea of the day

“Rubio said that women are incentivized by the prospect of selling baby parts for a personal profit, before backing off the claim after apparently realizing that he had managed to out-crazy even some of the more hardline conservative presidential candidates”

Senator Mark Kirk is attacking a Chicago Tribune reporter before the reporter’s story on Kirk’s bullying tactics even comes out.

Which just goes to prove: if you think the Republican idea is too stupid for this thread, think again.

For my part, I’m not about to apologize for suggesting that tipping Ann Coulter into a volcano is a better and more fitting idea than going all Aesthetic-Masochists-of-Gor rape on her.

Same here. I posted that the planet was being punished before anyone mentioned rape, and I would have said exactly the same thing if it had been Dick Cheney.

:confused: You’re quoting from someone who mis-paraphrases Rubio. Listen to the Rubio video and see what he actually says… Oh you don’t even have to; it’s quoted in the article:

Rubio is a disgusting liar and what he says is filthy and despicable. But he doesn’t say what you, or your quotee claims he says. Unless you think the “people … look[ing] forward to having more abortions” are the pregnant women themselves. Come on! Rubio may be a moron, but he’s not a clinical lunatic.

This is not the first time that left-wing bloggers exaggerate a Republiopath’s words. It’s lying. I sympathize – exaggeration makes it easier for dumb people to see why to hate the Republiopaths, but it’s very dishonest, and makes us into liars just like them.

We really need a thread for Republican malice. Much of what the GOP does isn’t “stupid” in a clinical sense; it’s evil and malicious but stupid only in the sense that voters are stupid to want malicious leaders.

For example a Florida legislator, thinking she was conferring with fellow Republiopaths secretly, was recorded proposing a gerrymander scheme in which prisoners, barred from voting but counted toward district size, would be reassigned to unseat a Black Democrat Congresswoman.

Or should we have a Smart Republican Idea of the Day thread? Of course not “smart” in the sense of good for the country, but “smart” ways to retain their power to defecate on the American people.

That’s what I thought when I read it, although I concede I was watching football at the same time, and I don’t care enough about Rubio to pay much attention to what he says.

Irrelevant, and he’s not a moron. But people like him and Cruz have proven that they are perfectly capable of turning their intelligence toward pandering to people who actually are morons and/or lunatics. The statement is similar to what Rush Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke, that she’s having so much sex that she can’t afford all the contraceptives she needs, so she wants the taxpayers to pay for her sex.

What other conclusion is there? Planned Parenthood is not having any abortions, so they can’t look forward to them. Who else is having abortions besides pregnant women?

Several failed abortions are staggering about running as GOP presidential candidates.

And I won’t apologize for suggesting that leaving a fictional Ann Coulter proxy chained to a rock is a better idea.

Ben Carson says being a Muslim should be considered as “probably cause” for searches and wiretaps.

*Probable cause

The mayor of Lewiston, Maine (who is a Republican, I looked him up), wants the state to publish the names and addresses of people on welfare. And why? So that they will be too ashamed to bring their special needs kids into the state.

He said “religion”, but only mentioned Muslim. If that were really to happen, I’d become a cop and just search every damn church. :stuck_out_tongue:

This “Maine”, what is it? A Stephen King novel?

Looks like he’s trying to give the governor some competition for “Craziest Politician in Maine.”

They dream big in Maine.

Yeah, the whole rape fantasy about an actual person (however despicable she is) is just disgusting. Thanks guys! Really advances the cause.

And tranny? Seriously? Is it okay to call black guys you really despise niggers? I’ve never ventured into this thread before, in spite of my considering most things that most Republicans do these days to be pretty damn stupid. I’ll just venture back out and leave the rape and torture fantasies to the oh-so-liberal boys.

Kentucky Republican, along with two libertarians, claims First Amendment right to accept bribes. Not just claiming; they’ve filed a federal lawsuit to overturn a state statute against lawmakers accepting gifts from lobbyists.

“An honest politician is one who *stays *bought.”