Stupid liberal idea of the day

So many to choose from… Let’s start with a classic example of the jackass Nanny State mentality:

Wiffleball? Freeze tag? I’m surprised the legislature didn’t mandate that kids all be wrapped in cotton padding 24/7 until their 18th birthday. A perfect example of government “fixing” something that was never broken, and doing so in a massive stupid manner.


Dumb fucking liberals! Insisting that medical aid be available in case a kid gets hurt.

What’s wrong with: “Rub some dirt on it, you little pansy?”

The Department of Health yesterday announced they had changed their policy on most of the sports, as your link says.

It sounds like all they’re saying is if you have kids doing things known to be inherently dangerous you need to have someone around who maybe knows stuff like CPR. Doesn’t seem too different than saying if you’re gonna have a pool you need a lifegaurd. We’re taking about summer camp, not your back yard.

Yeah, seems a bit stupid. If you hadn’t stopped reading there, you might have noticed this, two paragraphs later:

If the worst “stupid liberal idea” you can come up with is a wiffle-ball prohibition that was apparently never even implemented, I guess we’re not doing too badly?

Err… so a summer camp has to employ someone who knows first aid and CPR, and keep a first aid kit handy? Oh Noes, how ever will they meet such onerous requirements?

(Seriously, how the hell does this increase costs for any one in any way? TFA quotes some state legislator who says something to that effect, but doesn’t give any specifics.)

OK, Clothahump’s first effort was a fail, but there are better examples if you know where to look:

Admittedly, it’s not obvious why this is a “liberal” idea per se, but it’s a government benefits program, which is close enough. So, let’s just forget that first embarrassment ever happened and pick up with this one, shall we?

Clothahump isn’t very smart. Can we get another conservative to in here to keep this thread moving?

Fair enough. There aren’t enough :rolleyes: in the world for that one. And $73k could actually be spent on something useful, like computers that unemployed people can use to find jobs, along with a part-time tech support guy to maintain 'em.

Then why on earth did you choose that one?

But it’s Florida. Just about everything that happens there is batshit crazy. I’ve never been, but is there some sort of IQ test you have to fail at the border before they let you in?

Is Superman a liberal? I always had him pegged for a righty, with all the law-and-order bullshit and the lantern jaw. A liberal superhero would definitely be sporting a weak chin.

Dude! ANY money spent on Superhero capes is money well spent!
Go ahead - raise my taxes - Superhero capes for EVERYONE!

I’m sorry but this example is just hilarious. Buying unemployed people red capes as part of a program called the “Cape-a-Bility Challenge” in order to vanquish “Dr Evil Unemployment”?

I can’t believe that’s even real.

“Hey, I still haven’t found a job, but I have this nifty cape!”.

In Clothahump’s defense, he may have assumed the rescindment was pursued by gun-loving Kenyan-hating conservative Americans, and so didn’t contradict his theme.

But that’s nonsense, of course. The right-wingers would have formed into several camps, none working for rescindment:
[ul][li] Those blowing it out of proportion to prove “liberals suck.”[/li][li] Those whose main concern would be that immigrants not get access to the extra medical care.[/li][li] Those working to ensure that any new public contracts are overpriced and delivered to their right-wing favorites like Haliburtion and Corrections Corp.[/li][/ul]

Clothahump is the Charlie Sheen of the board. He always thinks he’s winning despite all empirical evidence.

That explains why Ollie Queen grew that goatee – to hide his weak chin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone considered the air-traffic control implications of thousands of moochers and bums whizzing through the skies? OK, maybe “whizzing” isn’t the best word…

I’m gonna start wearing a cape to my interviews.

Can’t hurt.