We, the irrationally upset.

[sigh] Lady Juliet, I answer all those I can, wish to speak to and believe will answer.

But Goddammit, my name is GORGON. Yeesh.

Also, featherlou … you are sooo right about the underwear thing. I really hate that.

And another thing; I’m rapidly approaching 100 posts and I still haven’t figured out how the hell this freakin’ thing works!!!

How the hell do you guys change the Goddam font size??? How the hell you do get things bold??? GGggrrraaahhh!!

And damnit, the guy my husband did $8,000 worth of work for went on vacation without paying him. So we had to use my paycheck to pay the mortgage this month. What does that leave me for fun money? Or ANY money? NOTHING! Hell, I’m going to pay my credit card bills late over this. ARGH!

Anyone else find a viagra rant by someone with the last name ‘Gelding’ funny?

Not me, of course, but does anyone?

Rants from me?

My stupid peer at work, Jeff the evil Ad Director.

What I’d like to do:

Me: Jeff, what’s the capital of Thailand?
Jeff: Um…Bangkok?
Me: Don’t mind if I do! (Applying foot ballistically to Jeff’s crotch)


On further consideration, Mrs. Gelding is likely to find the four-hour boner more exasperating and annoying than frightening.

Hey, Gurgon, you can make things bold by putting a lowercase b in square brackets before the bolding, and a square bracket backslash lowercase b close square bracket after, when you want bolding turned off. Using a lowercase u will get you underlining, and a lowercase i will get you italics. I think putting ‘sub’ in the square brackets will turn the encased words into subscript. But most importantly, always remember to turn code off using the [/x] format. Unless you really want your entire post in italics. Changing font I don’t know. Check out the hyperlinked Smilies and vB code that come up when you hit “Post a Reply”. Lots more good information in there.

**Excuse me Mr. Fancypants. **

It probably says a lot about me & my general level of maturity that I found this utterly hilarious.

Hippies! I hate hippies and pseudo-hippies and I really hate all protesters. It does not matter what they are protesting. They are disturbing the peace with their useless peace protest.

The sex. oh god, the sex. I can’t stop thinking about sex, mostly since I started posting on this board. I used to think about sex all the time. I used to HAVE sex all the time. But now I have a fiance who lives in the wrong country and my libido died for a time, mercifully so. So every day I open MPSIMS and I see something about SEX. Sex toys, sex partners, bedroom play, ewe. sluts, dammit!


*Masturbation to sex is like that fake plasticy tasting ‘cheesecake’ you get at Chinese buffet compared to my baked chococheese orgasm inducing cheesecake. It does. But it gets old. :frowning:

So terrible sorry, Gorgon! You have my sincerest apologies. It was the typo gnomes I tell you! Goddamn them! :smiley:

Alright then, ya’ll get back to the bitching. Sorry for the interruption.

I’m very upset that Spavined Gelding doesn’t like me. I have a low self esteem and my stupid, over the top posting style (which isn’t even over the top) is designed to make people smile, not necessarily laugh. I’m so fucked up in the head that if 12,000 people like me, I’m tortured by the one who doesn’t.

Somebody give me a valium. I can’t take it anymore. Spavined, I apologize.


** jarbaby **, How yooou do’in?

Yeah, I just wanna say, I been lookin’ at all the pics of the women who post here that I think might be babes and they all are, but they either:
A.) Live waaaay too far away from me to even think about attempting a relationship

B.) Have boyfriend/fiance/husband


C.) Say something in one of their posts that indicate I’m not their type.


Tuckerfan That was just sad, man.

Tuckerfan: wow. With all the women on the board? WOW. Not even ONE?

Maybe you really can’t win after all.

A further point of rage:

I can’t tell the difference between jarbaby and jarbabyj. Are they the same person? Is one the alter ego of the other? Is there even a jarbaby? Does either one of them suffer from low self esteem? Is there a poster named low self esteem? If not, why not?

Caveat: posted under the influence of waaay too much cold medication.

Ditto. It brightened my day. A violent childish pun was the most delightful thing in my day. This may be a comment on my curriculum or my life. Or it could just be that I’m that tired. (Yea, yea, I always have an excuse to be childish…)

What is this, a Shakespearean Tragedy? Spavined Gelding continues to fucking torture me, but then posts nice things in other threads I’ve written, even though he doesn’t like to read them, and I get confused.

Then he debates my very existence, and laughs at my low self esteem.

And my god…I can’t stop thinking about it.