We, the irrationally upset.

Or; Lets all just bitch and moan.

I actually considered starting a new thread, but I never did it before and was hautily proud of being too lazy to do so.

It would seem the times have forced my hand.

I want people to reply!!! To me!!! Gaaayyyaaahhhhh!!!

That’s better.

So, the ladies have “padding” ay? Well, my wife is downright pregnant. Imagine how she feels. I used to have a flat, rock-hard stomach myself. One back injury and a thousand beers later, it is suitably squishy.

Come, fellow Dopers! Let us agonize like insufferable weiners at things we have no control over!!!


alright, then!

I’m pissed as hell that the moon is slowly moving away from the earth, and that one day, the earth will no longer have a slight wobble, and the seasons will change with wild abandon! damn damn damn damn damn!

People are posting idiotic pamphlets on the sidewalks!!! :slight_smile:

You wanna be responded to?


Your wife probably feels pregnant and looks beautiful.

I’m done ranting now. :slight_smile:

Impressive …

I only hope y’all realize I just want people to blow off steam here, not to get angry with me. I’m sure by tomorrow comes around I’ll have something new to anger me. That’s why I opened this thread.

And Dao, I saw your thread, and I see what you mean. It annoys me that people put their ultra-liberal dream-world fantasies before logic and common sense.

umm… the mental image that you have just painted for me is just not what I needed right now.


so how skinny is fucking skinny?

just wondering…

I can do you one better. I’m utterly irked that in 70 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion (however many trillions it is), the entire universe will be filled with black holes, with nary a star or solar system anywhere. Consarnit!

I’m also miffed that our sun will one day collapse, rendering our system uninhabitable. Zoiks!

Hah. Stats? 36B, 28" waist, 34" hip. lightweight and 5’9", 140lbs (130 when I’m not training)

Sorry for the overreaction. I seriously am having a hard time getting rid of that bit of fat and am tired of people giving me incredulous looks when I vent about it.

(hell, I was down to 120lbs at one point and it didn’t shrink one bit! I’d need to starve to make it go away. Wahhhhhh :frowning: )

Well, I’m peeved that Excel keeps crashing on me. First it did, so they got me a voltage regulator (the only thing that seems to help) but before they could install it, someone else started having troubles whereas mine cleared up. So they gave her the VR thing and now, today, my Excel keeps siezing. Damnit!

I’ve got WORK to do! By Wednesday!

And I don’t feel like cooking tonight!

I also need to do a lot of laundry!

Oh, right. How could I forget?

My wife is going homw to PA this weekend and I have to stay in NY because I have to work on Saturday. Fucking-A!!!

damn. I wish I were back down to ~140… alas, having a kid seems to suck away my time from being active (not that I haven’t tried). Damnit… maybe I’ll go ride my bike tonight and pull the kid in the little hook-on trailer thing for an added workout.

I could always just give my old tired and true, yet terribly wrong, advice of: “shopvac and a knife”… but, well, its just wrong.

Stress-releiving option: burn you work computer… then burn your dirty clothes, and cook a kettle of soup over the fire (because soup takes little effort to cook).

Problems solved. Except that getting work done bit. Oh well. You’d feel better about not getting it done, anyway…

I’ve got a hangnail.

I am horribly upset, not to mention angry, hungry and one other word ending in “. . . gry.”

Time is passing and I am growing old. The world is being run by people who have no recollection of V-J Day, or even know what that means. The last two Presidents of the United States are younger than I.

My adult children see a movie about Washington Crossing the Delaware and ask, “what war is that about.”

Like senior citizens, my physique has moved south.

The grand children of guys I played football with in college are playing football for my college.

Day light savings time has the chickens all off schedule.

The world is being run by people who don’t know anything except how to talk on television.

I find Jarbaby only mildly amusing and more disturbing than erotic. Wildest Bill fails to amuse. I do not understand what the hell is going on here. What’s with the “underwear” posts?

Viagra strikes me as an unnecessary complication in a life that is barely under control as it is. What would I do with a four-hour boner? More importantly, would it just scare Mrs. Gelding.

Where did all these idiots and charlatans come from? What do they want from me?

Oh my. painful. and I have this thing about sharpies… me no like.

I’ve got a kilo of lidocaine at work… you wouldn’t feel a thing…

Well fuckity fuck fuck. Keep in mind here that you’re not the only one quite often ignored here Gordon. In fact, most of the time if I don’t kill a thread I just watch people post on without so much as realizing I posted to begin with!

Venoma, don’t worry hun. You’ve probably got a much better body than I. I’ve been trying to lose weight for ages. Flab here, flab there…hell, there’s flab everywhere! I have friends who eat so much food that I’m surprised they don’t sink in water. So why are they thin and I’m not? Bah…this world is unjust I tell you!

Alright then, I think I’ve had my daily dose of bitch for the day.

Bitching for no real reason? I like it! (Being one of the most irritable people alive.)
Let’s start with gravity. Gravity sucks, ya know what I mean? And wind. Wind blows.
I don’t like bugs much either. I hate towelling myself off after a shower; I love water, and soaking in it, but towelling off is just too much like work. I hate the way my scalp itches unbearably all winter, every winter. I hate buying new underwear only to find that it fits terribly, and I’ll never wear it. I hate making myself some Cheez Whiz toast, and dropping it face down on the cat-hairy kitchen floor immediately. And I’m with Spavined Gelding; not only does DST make the chickens weird, but it’s just plain wrong to mess around with time. Didn’t we learn anything from the “Back to the Future” movies?
(Oh, and don’t worry about being ignored here - just post for yourself, and don’t care whether anyone else reads it or not. Makes things a whole lot weirder; well, for me, anyway.:D)

I am not 4 years old. My mother will not pick me up and sing me a song before putting me to bed.

And my birthday is coming.