The Bizarro Reverse Universe Anti-Pitting Thread

There are many things that people rant and rave about that I think are just fine. For instance:

Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day was heavily ranted about this past week. I like Valentine’s Day. Now, you may say “but Rick; you like it because you have a loving wife who enjoys hot sex, cooking and video games,” and indeed you would be correct, but even before Mrs. RickJay, I always liked Valentine’s Day.

Corollary; I also like giving flowers and diamond jewelry. These things are pitted often. But I think they’re great.

Christmas. Christmas is also heavily pitted. I love Christmas. Family, presents, turkey dinners. It’s great. I like Christmas decorations.

Religious people who come to your door. These people - usually Jehovah’s Witnesses - are the subject of much ire in the Pit, although I haven’t seen a rant about it in a month or so. I never really had a problem with them. I don’t believe in their religion, but I just tell them I’m not interested, thanks, and they go away. It doesn’t upset me at all.

Co-workers. Everyone else seems to think they are a great genius and everyone they work with is an idiot. It probably defies statistical probability that not a singe one of the folks in here who rants about their co-workers, by some amazing coincidence, are themselves part of the problem. But, in any case, I find it easy to get along with almost anyone if you’re just reasonable and patient.

Your parents. I get along great with my parents. Of course, I can’t speak for yours, so this is sort of a dead end.

Talking heads on TV, like Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore or Anne Coulter. Getting upset about these people strikes me as being just a hair away from being upset at Ralph Fiennes because he was so mean in “Red Dragon.” It’s just entertainment. It’s not real.

Microsoft. “Blah blah blah Bill Gates blah blah crashes blah blah blah.” Man, I couldn’t care less.
So, what things get Pitted or ranted about that you just don’t understand why people get upset about it?

I don’t understand why people rant about December. He seems like a nice, reasonable guy to me, but he’s a Pit magnet. I don’t agree with about half his views, but the people who call him predictable are equally predictable. He will open a thread, and they will say that he is spinning an article to support his viewpoint. Wah. Who the hell doesn’t?

Well, I wouldn’t Lib, and I doubt the majority of the Teeming Millions would either. Because at the SDMB, you won’t be able to get away with spin, and rightly so.

Other than that, I’m with Rick about Microsoft. Or Macintosh. Or ANY OS for that matter. Seriously, if you get mad over differing opinions on operating systems, you need to get out more.

Lib, he deliberately misrepresents facts in order to lie about the opposition of his arguement.

Grocery stores. I like food shopping. Of course, there are lines and rude and inconsiderate people, but that’s normal anywhere. Besides, lines give me the opportunity to steal looks at the tabloids and rude and inconsiderate people give me the opportunity to practice patience. And Aaron loves it, so we get the chance to spend time together and he gets to learn good consumer skills and sales resistance.


SUVs. I mean, I know it’s trendy to hate them like the bubonic plague right now, but really, they aren’t that bad. How much gas they use doesn’t really concern me as there’s plenty of fuel to go around. Sure, they may be unsafe for some of the people inside it in certain circumstances, but it’s not my job to Pit people into looking out for their own safety. But are they really causing anyone that many problems that they deserve to be Pitted as often as they do? Come on.

Telemarketers. I never understood the hatred people have for them. They call, I tell them I’m not interested, they hang up. No hard feelings.

Coldfire wrote:

But you’re spinning right now. And spin is hardly the exception; it’s the rule. That’s why things can be so controversial. The recent Airman Doors, USAF discussion was exactly that.

Twist wrote:

That’s jsut more spin. Another Republican conservative might simply note that December’s opponents lie about what he says in order to misrepresent his arguments.

Grocery rants -

A person should be happy that they are able to go into a store that is chock full of all kinds of edibles and be able to take some of them home.

I could direct you to some of my co-workers (who are generally awesome) and they could tell you horror stories about where they came from where there either wan’t enough (or any) food or you had to wait for hours to get single items.

Poor customer service rants. Okay, I’m biased as a former retail worker / store manager. I understand that there are plenty of lobotomized asswipes working in retail, but fer chrissake it’s just a freakin’ store. No need to have a coronary if the cashier looks at you the wrong way or doesn’t smile wide enough.

I can’t believe that people can get so riled up over the most trivial things. Things that in any other situation would not be a problem, but because there’s the expectation that we’re being paid to be at your beck and call and people belive that gives them the right to be nit-picky argumentative bastards.

I’ll be the first to recognize and call out bad service, but there’s no need to let it get your dander up. Really people, we’re not worth your time or effort. If you’re that upset, find another store.

Lib, its hard fact, and he has admitted it in the past, most recently the one about Democrats not wanting a particular judge nominated because he was “too competent”.
(sorry I’ve no link, I havent time to search for it).

Its not spin, he has lied outright to demonize the opposition to his arguements.

Other Dopers - I don’t get why Dopers feel the need to bag on one another, and at such length. While I think the SDMB is one of the best online communities around, and the rants here are far better than the rants at other boards, I would say the 90-95% of the time any “problems” one Doper has with another could be solved more easily by getting up from the computer for a while and beating the hell out of the the cat or something (Yes, that last sentence was sarcasm… I don’t beat my cat. Much.)

Starting a Pit rant about another Doper takes what was a minor problem (and, most likely, begun by a misunderstanding) and escalates it to DEFCON 1. A bunch of people pile on, some people get their feelings hurt, a few suffer massive online meltdowns… over (let’s just be honest) some pretty petty shit. Whatever happened to leaving some things unsaid?

Seriously. I try to take what’s great about this board and leave what I don’t like alone, for the most part. Why slam others just for the sake of slamming them?

And before someone says “Well just don’t read those threads!” I’ll point out that, generally speaking, I don’t. Also, all of the topics mentioned thus far in this thread could be solved the same way.

Twist, you’re hijacking the thread. Do you have a response to my OP? If you wanna pit someone, start your own thread.

Threads that rant about how people use the English language. As if language is really this unchanging monolith and only the elite hold the keys to its use. Comes off alot like screaming at the ocean to stop making waves.

I like little baby ducks
Old pickup trucks
Sunday School in May
And hay.

And I love you too …

People who rant about TV shows or musicians they don’t like. Movies and books are a little different, because you generally have to pay money to find out if they suck. And I can understand ranting about shows you like (“Goddammit, I used to love Friends, but they ruined it when Joey joined the American Nazi Party and Rachael revealed that she’s actually a man.”) but shows you don’t watch anyway? How is someone else watching Joe Millionaire hurting you? In what way does someone else liking Justin Timberlake make life harder for you? Is the fact that people like things that you don’t like really that aggravating?

And personal animosity towards celebrities makes absolutely no sense. Just because Ben Affleck lacks range and sincerity doesn’t mean he’s the anti-Christ. He’s just a guy trying to do his job the best he can, same as everyone else. Of course, the one exception here is Julia Roberts, who really is the anti-Christ. Everyone should hate her.

Insert the following into the first paragraph, immediatly after “pay money to find out if they suck.”:

Music and television is piped into your homes completly free of charge. If you don’t like it, all you have to do is turn it off.

mmmmmmhhhmmmmMM! My thoughts exactly. Or (whether online, or IRL) ranting and saying someone’s hobby/interest is lame just because you don’t happen to think it would be fun for you!

Osama bin Laden

Why do people get so worked up about this guy? I mean, it’s not like he flew the planes into the WTC.

Okay, sure, he provided the resources and the planning, and he is directly responsible for the death of thousands, and now the motherfucker is hiding out in some cave and using leaves to wipe his ass, and if I had him before me, I’d cut the fucker’s head off and use it for a football and feed the rest of him to the hogs, and I’d give his bones to the dogs so they could run with them through the streets of Flogbuttle, Wyoming while…


Never mind.

sigh I don’t have a complaint here - I just want some of whatever it is that helps RickJay stay so mellow.

Although sanity might be helpful, I suppose; I seem to be finding myself inadequately supplied with that substance.