It's Spring! It's Sequential Threads

**Sixteenth Century Jokes
What Antique Would You Like? **

It just gets worse - Mexico City rocked by big earthquake
I guess I’m going to hell- the babyshake app cracked me up

God has an iPhone. We’re fucking doomed.

BarnOwl has passed away
The Poop Stories of Legend

I am soooo going to hell.

What one thing would you like to find in a barn?
Most odoriferous flatulence.

That is something you’re likely to find in a barn, but most of us wouldn’t particularly like finding it…

**Pontiac 1926-2010

Tell Me About Bicycles

It’s not that bad yet. There are other models.

**Small Talk Taken Too Far

The word is penis, Extenze

Now that’s just cruel.

**American Girl is a bleeping racket

The word is penis, Extenze


American Girl is a penis racket?

Geocities is closing. Dammit! Replacement suggestions?
Most odoriferous flatulence.

Good choice. They both stink.

**Tell your fart stories

Looking for Excitement?

Some live lives of quiet boredom

Notes from a failing evangelical fundamentalist
It is official…I am going to hell!

Tell me about cloth diapers
Help me out with furniture refinishing

There are better ways to stain the wood.

From New Posts:

Dave Matthews Band 24/7? Are you f’n kidding me?(Dallas)

Audiophiles! Treble, Bass, and Surround knobs question

What’s the youngest sedimentary rock?
After two music - related threads, seeing the third momentarily had me wondering “What kind of music is ‘sedimentary rock’?”

**Driving from Germany to London

So my brother crashed my car… **

Payday lenders leave Virginia
Is Olympia Snowe next?

** If you could turn back time.

bienville’s big fat gut: Apr 29th vs Jan 29th

I ran my first half marathon on Sunday!
I was almost in a collision

They’re rather easy to avoid when you’re on foot, actually.

**Who regulates UPS shipping insurance?
USA Constitution & Aliens

It’s been a great day…
There’s Rioting in Our Streets**

**Little bunny foo foo
Is there any real danger in making a meal of captured house mice? **

It’s bopping or bashing. Not killing and eating!

**What happens when a medical intern is fired?
Army Colt .45, safety? **

Okay, so if anyone has been reading the news, a man drove his car through a crowd trying to attack the Royal Family in the Netherlands. Lots of dead and injured. I saw this combo and went :dubious:

Dutch Royal family attacked; 5 dead
So my brother crashed my car…