Autumnal Sequinox - The Fall of Sequential Threads

Since the other thread is getting a little long…

John Edwards and mistress to marry when Edwards’s wife dies; Dave Matthews Band to perform
Celebrity news is for stupids

Yep. Really don’t care about Edwards’s personal life.

From New Posts:

Where on your hips should men’s pants fit?

**advice on bringing new cat into household
Gimpy kitty needs new home
Advice didn’t work? (Yeah, I posted those before but they still work.)

**Ravel means unravel
Recommend a good men’s suit… **

Looking for a thread (need answer fast)
What the hell did you just do, you moron?

You took a violent killer to the fair? Are you insane?
Will Someone. Please. Shut. That. Dog. UP!

I think I might have a solution…

**Transporting Cats
I’m watching The Hindenburg **


**I never thought I’d say this but…
Ravel means unravel **

We’ve found an extrasolar planet with life on it. Now what?
Poll: Republican, Democrat, Conservative, or Liberal?

Good question. Are they going to put us under Martial law, or give us universal health care?

How close are we to doing a head transplant?
Royal twins

What, you want to swap heads?

**Incredibly slow 100m dash in first olympics – explain
Hippies **

Yeah, they were all stoned.

**Why the Hell are we still in Afghanistan?
The mindset of Creationists?
Yeah, pretty much.

**Whatcha Readin’ Sept 09 Edition
In praise of vintage Playboy Magazine

I never thought I’d say this but…
When do you realize you’re old?


I’m Gay. Do You Care?
What kind of shopper are you?

**Do you like foreplay or the actual intercourse part of sex better?
Noise complaint from nieghbors?! What!?

**I never thought I’d say this but…

Need help, and fast. **

It takes a big man to admit he needs help.

From the MB front page:

**Why was Halo a great game?
Weapons Porn - Tasty, tasty weapons porn! **

**Childhood summers at a Nudist camp
So how many partners is too many partners? **


When do you realize you’re old?
It’s “World-Wide Alzheimer’s Day” Today

If You Saw Someone With Pants Unzipped…
Let’s talk about fisting!

From CNN’s Most Popular:

**Mackenzie Phillips expected to drop bombshell
Multiple deaths reported at Illinois home **

Well that’s what happens when you drop bombshells!

I made the thread! I made the thread! :slight_smile: