We tried to fill the gas tank in the car

and it won’t let us. Figured it would take around $60 in gas but the pump stopped at a little over $19 and we couldn’t get more than that in there. What could be stopping us from filling her up?

You’re sticking it in too far


“That’s what she said” ?? :confused:

I assume so.

Year, make, model?
If it is a car of less than say 10 years old or so it could be an issue with the On-Board Vapor Recovery (ORVR) system, or a fault with the pump if it is equipped with a vapor recovery nozzle.
More information please, I can’t quite see your car from here.

The price of gas is the lowest it has been in 5 months. (That’s what the Fox News scroll said on the outside of their building yesterday)

Hah! That was my first thought as well.

Sheesh, I’m turning into a dirty old man. :frowning:

It’s a 2001 Honda Passport. I’ll relate the Sticking It In Too Far thought…any others? Thanks.

Did it stop at ~1/3 of a tank, then?

Is this happening at multiple filling stations? Sometimes the nozzle at one particular gas station is faulty.

I had a car like this for a while… about 90% of pumps wouldn’t fill it without getting the “CLICK” and auto-shutoff… even at about half the rate as the normal pump-hold device.

You just have to barely hold down the pump handle and gently fill it like you’re topping off a tank. Takes a while, but I don’t think it’s a cheap fix.

It used to fill up just fine. Maybe it thinks it’s being stolen and doesn’t really want to go that far…

My car has the same problem, and the gas station clerk said to try a different pump until I find one that doesn’t stop pumping. I usually just barely hold down the gas pump with my hands while being jealous of all the others having their gas pumped hands-free. It seems like it’s a somewhat rare problem.

Son said he started with the hands-free and then tried pumping it himself, but it still didn’t work.

On the surface it sounds like the tank already had some gas in it and just got full so couldn’t hold any more, but we haven’t put “extra” in it in a loooong time. :confused: I’m going with the “refuses to be taken hostage” theory.

How sure are you that the gas gage is accurate? One of my old cars would swear it had 1/4th a tank until it would suddenly remember it was empty around that age.

Funny you should mention that. The gas gauge hasn’t worked for years.

Son said that he has been putting in a little extra gas whenever he uses the car; apparently it has built up. He stopped at another pump and could only squeeze in another dollar’s worth. Then he was surprised to notice that the gas gauge was working and registered a full tank. :eek:

We’ve had so little (gas) money that maybe it was too little to “kick” the gauge…

Huh. Learn something new every day.

My first thought was that it was full. I’ve tried to fill up my car without realizing that my husband filled it up for me the night before. Embarrassing to have to pay for 50 cents worth of gas.

You pump your own gas? Barbarians.

I fill the tank every second day. That way, the high price of gas doesn’t mean much.

Vapor lock most likely. Happens on my older truck a lot.
Mess with nozzle and try to get some bit of air in there and get some release.
You can have your tech check it. It happens but usually though with vapor lock you won’t get much in at all.