We won't build buy your submarines unless you throw in a condom factory?

The thread title is a merely a restatement of an actual business deal between South Africa and Germany,

South Africa needs seamen containers of every description. :stuck_out_tongue: Truthfully, the more you think about it, the more condoms and submarines have in common. They cruise the depths of their environment. They are both constructed to be barriers between men and a dangerous environment. Their skins are airtight and fluid tight. Some designs of each have ribs, and there is of course the similar general shape.

Yep, this is the right forum for this all right.

And both come from the land of Frankfurters and Weiners.

Um, because some efficient South African engineer found that miniature submarine models double as purely functional “research tools” for condom design?

Or are they going to make a huge, super-sized condom to prevent another Kursk disaster?

Purely functional I must add.