weakest link and 'dumped' tape

so at the end credits of the daily Weakest Link (with the guy who sounds eerily like Will Ferrel), there was some mention of edited footage. now, i am (as i’m sure many of you are) familiar with the ol’ “Portions of this program not affecting the final outcome may have been edited out”, but tonight, there was something new.

didn’t write it down, didn’t get a great look at it, but i swear it appeared to say “Due to a production error, certain portions of the tape have been dumped.” wtf? does that mean they refilmed certain portions of the program? the hell?

also, i was wondering, what about two weakest link contestants with the same first name? has it happened? did they go by “Annie A.” and “Annie L.”? or do the rpoducers arrange contestants so that there’s never any venn diagram name overlap?



I was in the audience for a taping session of the game show Tic Tac Dough. I was even picked to be a contestant but never made it on stage. The taping was done on Saturday and started at 9 am. It took about 45 minutes to film the first of 5 shows then there was a 10 minute break. The second show went smoother and took only about 25 minutes. Then the contestants for the first show were brought back out to retape some portions that were messed up from the first show. This happened after each show. The contestants for the Friday show had to stick around for any retakes. Most of the retakes were to hide some of the more stupid answers. It was wierd watching the shows when they aired a few weeks later. What looked normal to most folks looked butchered to me.

When TWL taped a special episode featuring Chicago Disk Jockeys, there were two Steves: Steve Dahl and Steve Cochran.

They called one of them “Steve” and the other “Cochran”. Producers made the call before the show without the input of the contestants…