Wealthy criminal, where to run to?

Assuming you’re a wealthy connected criminal, who has commited some act that will put you away for awhile(lets say high end drug kingpin or some kind of money crime)where in the world would be a good place to run? I’m sure there are some banana republics out there were a couple hundred grand could buy you citizenship.
Any countries left without extradition treaties?

Hopefully this is fictional enough not to violate the TOS :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, a couple of generous donations to a few key politicians will let you stay anywhere you want. :wink:

Argentina can house you in the same upscale singles complex as The Furher.

Did I spell that right? No matter…

I hear some Serb criminal just got busted there. Probably in the Eichmann Suite at the Buenos Aires Hilton.

I could to to Switzerland. Marc Rich seemed to do ok as a fugitive until he was pardoned. Although one of these days Switzerland will get religion and start extraditing the rich thugs to hang out there. I wouldn’t want to be there when it happens.

My other option is Russia. I can speak the lingo and could bribe local authorities to keep me safe.

The trick is to find the country where your crime isn’t illegal in their country, because normally they won’t extradite you, but then again I’m not a lawyer, so you’d be foolish to count on my advice. Also, some countries have been reluctant to extradite people who may be subject to the death penalty, so perhaps you should make sure that yours is a capital crime.