Weapons of MD- Ours

Years ago there was talk of having to destroy some of our, the US’s, weapons of mass destruction, namely chemical warheads that were rusting away and might accidently explode. No city wanted the facilities to destroy the warheads built in their vicinity. Was this problem ever solved, were the warheads ever destroyed or are they still rusting away on bases around the country?

Here’s some info:


Handy guide to US chemical weapons - they’re becoming a serious liability. You’re probably thinking of the M55 rockets, 40-year old cocktails of chemical agents, HE burster charges and rocket fuel in one unpleasant integrated package.

Johnston Atoll disposed of its last chemical weapon (landmines containing nerve gas) in 2000. Cite.

There’s also info about other decomissioning sites: “Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.; Anniston, Ala.; Newport, Ind.; Richmond, Ky.; Pine Bluff, Ark.; Pueblo, Colo.; and Hermiston, Ore.” But since it’s an old article, I don’t know if any of those have completed their mission.

On a side note, Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System is going to be turned into a sanctuary for birds. And for mutant four-assed chimpanzees.

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