Wearing Ankle Weights

I recently purchased a pair of ankle weights to wear while I work out on the treadmill. Apparently, adding some additional weight makes your body work harder so I can see the benefit of wearing them while exercising, but can I wear them all day long and get some benefit even when I’m not working out? I work from home so it’s not like I have to wear them in the office. Perhaps there’s a downside to wearing them all the time (except when sleeping or going out somewhere).

So, is there a benefit from wearing ankle weights when you are just walking around and not exercising, or can it cause more harm than good?

I wore them at work for a while all the time. It can cause mild chafing or make the bottom of pants look funny but, other than that, there isn’t much of a downside. It is just an easy way to get a little extra exercise. I gave it up after a few months for no reason in particular but I still have a few sets of different weights and would try it again. If you work from home, you could try wrist weights too if you don’t get too annoyed by them. Wrist weights that sit low on your wrist can mess with your typing however so that might not be ideal. You still have to actually move a lot to get benefits from these however.

I am wearing them over my jeans. Do they have to be against the skin for some reason? I think wrist weights would interfer with my typing…

Weight is just weight. None of it should cause many problems but there is the possibility for skin abrasion so look out for that. Wrist weights are a pain but remember that you actually have to move to get them to do anything for you. Sitting in front of a computer with ankle weights on won’t do anything on its own. Going for a walk will.

My understanding is that ankle weights put more stress on your knees. I have no idea how much this will increase the potential for knee problems but given how finicky knees can be it’s something that I would avoid.

What about a weight belt that goes around your waist? Then again I already have one of those built in.

Ankle and wrist weights? Meh.

You should try the oxen yoke the boss has me wearing right now …


Wouldn’t additional weight anywhere put more strain on your knees? You’re just emulating obesity and increasing the load they have to carry.

Then again, isn’t jogging itself bad on your knees in the long term?

Disclaimer: IANA Dr. and my knowledge is an amalgamation of things that I have read over the years. That said, I’m an athlete who pays attention to such things so I don’t think I’m completely wrong. :wink:

Any additional weight on your body puts greater stress on your knees (obese people often have knee troubles). However, ankle weights are generally worse because it puts disproportionally more weight at the extreme end of your legs which increases the stress. You can minimize the chance of damage by proper weightlifting to strengthen the muscles around your knees.

I had a pair of fingerless weighted gloves that I wore almost all the time. The weight wasn’t great (just under a pound per hand across the back of the hand) but they did wonders for my arms and general endurance.