Wearing black and brown leather garments/accessories at the same time?

Inspired sorta by this thread and an ongoing argument with my sister, my query is is wearing black and brown leather simultaneously, e.g. black leather jacket with brown shoes, just plain wrong?

Of course there are more important things in the world, but combining black and brown leather garments / accessories has always struck me as discordant stylewise and an affront to common sense.

Maybe I am taking this issue too seriously, but faux pas I say! :frowning:

Talk about a faux pas :smack:

Well, I would never wear brown shoes and a black leather jacket, or brown shoes and carry a black purse, but Iโ€™m okay with black and brown together as a concept. Like many things in fashion, if youโ€™re deliberate in your choices, it can work out just fine.

I have a great pair of black and chocolate brown spectator pumps, and they work well for bringing black and brown together in an outfit. I usually wear them when Iโ€™m wearing a brown sweater set with black piping, and a black pencil skirt.

I think there is a lot of black and brown abuse out there on the streets, though.